shrug 1 (2) t-uI love to find answers to some of life’s biggest questions.  I’m always looking and listening for them, so it’s very satisfying to find them!

This time, it’s about what happens in your life, the experiences and relationships you attract and create as you go through your life.

It’s been said (quite often) that everything happens for a reason, and you may know that I always say,
“Everything happens not for A reason, but for many reasons.”
And my corollary to that is, you may not ever know all the reasons for something, but they are there.

You may also know that I talk about there being messages contained in everything we experience–what happens in a day, what we overhear, thoughts in our heads, songs on the radio, and especially in synchronistic occurrences.  Our lives are about getting these messages and putting them to good use, finding out what makes us happy (and what makes us unhappy) and how to bring more of those happy times to us.

Well, I got a little more insight into that the other day.

I was talking with a client whose husband passed away about 5 years ago.  My own husband has been gone 17 years, and I always knew that there would be some way I would wind up helping someone because of that.  (There are many other reasons and “good” things to come out of my husband’s death, but we’ll save that for another time.)

My client is a relationship coach and she developed a program to help her clients find love after loss.  So she used her experience to help other people, right?  And now, she is divorcing her second husband, which I also did.  Because my experience came first, I am able to help her with hers.

Here’s another example.  How many people have you known who survived cancer and claim that the experience changed their lives forever?  (For better or worse.)  How many of them helped someone else in a similar situation, or became a doctor or other healer because of it, invented something to help cancer patients, volunteered for Hospice, inspired others, and on and on?

The late comic Ron Shock produced a series of videos from his cancer diagnosis to the end of his life, talking about his situation and sharing stories from his life in comedy.  (He was a very funny guy and I recommend looking up his “Cancer Chronicles” on You Tube.)

In one of his stories, Ron talked about his oncologist, whose wife got cancer during Ron’s treatment.  What are the odds?  That someone in a cancer doctor’s own family would get cancer?  Did that doctor lose someone he loved to cancer when he was growing up?  Was his father (or mother) a doctor?  Did he just feel the calling?

Do you see where I’m going with this?  Your life is all about you first.  Become self-aware, and you will be other-aware.  Help yourself and you can help others.  Get the message for yourself, then help someone else in need of getting that same message.

Happy Helping!

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