I’m often asked who my clients are, and what they are like.  Are they like me?  Or like you?  Probably.

My programs and services are designed to help many different kinds of people, yet I find that most of my clients share certain characteristics.

Many of them are women, about 85%.  Not a big surprise!  With the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, women are leading the world in awakening and enlightenment!

About half of my clients are mothers of grown (or almost-grown) children, many of them empty-nesters within the year of starting to work with me.  This is a common time for women to start asking,

Is this all there is?”       “What happened to my plans for my life?”      “What do I do with extra time?”       “How do I grow myself and create the life I want, now that I have the opportunity?”       Or maybe      “It seems like I’m busier than ever… HELP!”

And 30% or more of my clients are at other transitional stages in their lives, such as returning to school, getting married or divorced, turning 30 or 40 or 50, or starting to care for an aging parent.

One other group that I get to work with a lot is entrepreneurs.  I network a lot, so many of my networking buddies are also small-business owners, and we do get together!

Why are these wonderful women (and equally-wonderful-but-fewer men) interested in working with me?

I’ve asked them, and this is what they’ve told me:

Dani in Fresno, CA, said:  I wanted to participate in the Master’s Course program because I had a reading with Susan and I really felt great afterward.  I was hoping for an opportunity to work with her again. A few months later, I found out about her Master’s Course and I knew it would be the best fit for me so I signed up as soon as I could.

Leigh in Austin, TX, said:  I already knew Susan from previous sessions and could easily expect some substantial information that I could use.  I had some questions about my life plan and was excited to hear her input.  I was also just plain curious about chakras and wanted to learn more – she was very educational and so easy to listen to/understand.

Teresa in Red Rock, TX, said:  I had been searching for “something” when I participated in one of Susan’s teleclasses. Afterward, I was thrilled to be able to join her Master’s Course.  Things began to change during the course and continue to change for me. The way I respond to my world and the way the world responds to me has changed and I feel better equipped and supported when dealing with issues that arise. Thank you, Susan, for helping me find my inner strength and power.

And even though my clients are all unique and uncommon, it’s easy for me to find things in common with all of them.  That’s where the sweet spot is, in those common bonds, and the experiences we share that I have already been through, where I can help them to reach a new level of enjoyment in their lives. (4-15-10)