I’ve been having a personal crisis lately, because my daughter is moving overseas with her husband, who is a U.S. Marine.  I am very proud of them, of course, and so glad that they will get to be together during this assignment, but it’s just killing me that they will be so far away for so long.

One day, I ran into an acquaintance whose son happens to be a Marine also.  I mentioned that my daughter and her husband were leaving and said, “It’s just killing me.”

She replied, “Oh, because it’s all about YOU, isn’t it.”  And she smiled, but it was the kind of smile that made me want to punch her in it.

Well, the truth is that MY life IS indeed all about me.  And my daughter’s life is all about her.  Why shouldn’t I be sad that my daughter is moving halfway around the world and I will miss her terribly?  Why should it not make me sad that a grandchild could be born while they’re gone and I probably won’t be able to be there?

The truth is that YOUR life is all about YOU too.  You were probably told at some time in your childhood that “The world doesn’t revolve around you” or “You aren’t the center of the universe.”

But in reality, it does.  You are a creator, you create your own life, in tandem with the Creative Forces of the Universe.  And everything that you have created is about you.

So how does that affect those around you, if their lives are about them?  Well, we all provide messages and information and experiences for one another.  It’s an intricate tapestry that is so brilliantly woven together that everything happens just as it should for each one of us.

And your life is all about you.  So go ahead.  Make it all about you.  And punch that sanctimonious smile!