Can you believe it is already 2012?  I have some thoughts on the New Year–and the old one.

First, though, I loved the holidays, just as I always do every year, and I hope yours were at least pleasant or even extraordinary!  For me personally, besides marrying off my older daughter and enjoying the rest of my family for Christmas, while she and her new husband were off on their honeymoon, I had a couple of big stresses.

The worst one was getting a computer virus right before Christmas.  As I write this, it is still not completely back together.  The computer is working great, but all my data have yet to be restored.  I have faith that they will be (i.e., I EXPECT it–expectation = faith = manifestation), so I’m not really all that jumpy about it.  In fact, the whole situation has shown me that I am generally pretty relaxed and easy-going.  My sister even said that about me at Christmas.  She was telling me how anxious she gets over things and I started singing that Bobby McFerrin song, “Don’t worry… Be happy.”  She said, “That’s what you do!  I wish I could do that!”  And I hope that I can help impart that to others.  From my lips to God’s ears!

Anyway, here’s my thought about 2011.  You may recall my whining about 2010 here, even though I was spinning it all in a positive direction.  It was a pretty bad year; in fact, I still hold that it was the worst year of my life, and that includes the year my husband died!  (How?  Because his death was not the WHOLE YEAR.)  So there was almost no way that 2011 could be any worse, and it was bound to be better.  And it was!  Thank goodness!

However…   Here’s a story that helps illustrate how 2011 was better but still not what I wanted.  Several years ago, a friend’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was one of the most curable versions of the disease and her treatment was relatively easy.  RELATIVELY.  That means, compared with many patients, she got off easy.  Later, my friend said, “We were so busy being grateful that it wasn’t worse, we forgot it was still horrible!”

And that’s kind of how I feel about 2011.  No, it wasn’t horrible.  It was MUCH MUCH better than 2010, which is all I could hope for last year!  But I want 2012 to be so wonderful that it makes me forget 2010 altogether!  Want to join me?  Let’s start expecting now!