12 woo-woo signWow, it has been incredibly busy around my little atelier lately!  You may have noticed my new website–you’re lookin’ at it!–followed very shortly by my new book site–and oh, yeah, a whole new email system, too.   (Want to join the email list and get three free reports?  Click here.)

You’d better believe I have been burning the midnight oil, burning the candle at both ends, and burning holes in my computer screen from staring at it so long!

I managed to take a break in the middle of this week.  I became so frustrated with what I was trying to do that I gave up.  That’s right–I just quit!  I even said it out loud, “I QUIT!”  And I didn’t know when I was coming back to it, I just knew I couldn’t keep working on it.  So I enjoyed my afternoon, watched some TV with my daughter, made a nice supper, and got a good night’s sleep.

About mid-morning the next day, I got back to work and guess what…  I felt better!  I felt competent again, and I was able to get my stuff done, even more than I had been planning to do.

I think that “I QUIT!” was what really did the trick.  Surrender can be very powerful.  Next time you’re up to your hiney in alligators, try quitting for a little while.  When you come back to your project, maybe the alligators will have turned into bunny rabbits!

Until next time, as usual, y’all be good!  (3-22-10)