bestiesHad a coffee chat with a friend today, and she asked me what kind of people I work with, and who, for example, is likely to land in my Master’s Course or my Destiny Celebration.

Fortunately, I have somehow become quite brilliant at attracting clients I truly love (and who love me back).  I get to experience their life improvements with them, and I am humbled and gratified!

So to answer the question, I only had to think about my clients and who they are.

Most of them are women, and most of them are at least mid-30s in age and younger than 65.  And that is a generalization–I recently graduated a 25-year-old college student from my Master’s Course.  And a recent Destiny Celebration grad is a man in his 60s.  So there are variables.

But here’s what they almost all have in common:

They are asking “Is that all there is?”

And yes, I am familiar with the old song of the same name.  It continues, “If that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing…”  And dancing is great, as long as we look toward where we are dancing!

“Is that all there is?” often arises when a woman’s children are almost-grown or have just left home.  Sometimes it happens when a grown child comes back home for a while.  Or when a woman gets divorced at any age.  Or when she’s approaching a milestone like age 30 or age 40 or age 50–and she suddenly wakes up and says, “Eek!  Is that all there is?  This is not where my life is supposed to be!”

And that’s when these good people land on my doorstep.  Using my seemingly-magical tools and information, they make subtle but significant changes in their thoughts and ideals until–voila!–they know the answers!  And they find that there is much more than “that”.