Teal, 10-24-11 t-u blueI’ve had a rough couple of weeks. It’s true–the woman known as the Cheerful Mystic and Happy Medium (couldn’t resist) occasionally runs into rough waters. And it sucks. Fortunately, these moments don’t last, and yes, I DO work on getting them to end faster!

Some folks (maybe you) feel like it’s always rough. Their lives feel like they are not their own, and they feel like they don’t have any control over what happens to them. Believe it or not, that is not true. YOU are the creator of your life, whether you like what you’ve created or not!

Here’s what I have been doing lately to get out of my funk:

1) Forcing myself to “think happy thoughts”. I’m not kidding. I consciously embrace fantasies of trips to Disney World, my dream house (which is coming soon), and fun encounters with others. I find that fantasies are better than memories, not because they are any different to your brain or the Universe, but because they can be perfect, and with perfect thoughts come perfect feelings of joy, ultimately resulting in a shift in your energy and a better day.

2) Asking myself, “What was I thinking before this all started?” This can be more complicated, but you can think about what your thoughts were and connect them to what’s going on now, what you’ve created with those thoughts. Don’t dwell, just understand. Sometimes it helps to know “Why did I create THIS???”

If you need help with this type of exercise, something that will change the results of your constant CREATING… You know where to find me!

Until next time, y’all be good! (3-21-10)