Howdy, I’m Susan–
(aka MoJo Medium)

I support coaches, healers, and other holistic practitioners who are feeling unfulfilled by a business that used to inspire them. They’re tired of “doing everything right” and not getting the results they want.

I get it. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1999 (Yes! I’m celebrating 25 years in business!) so I have “trial-and-errored” my way through just about every marketing and business-building technique out there.

But I didn’t achieve the success I so desperately wanted until I discovered how to Align with the Divine.

As a manifestation coach, destiny expert, and psychic medium, I don’t work on the strategy or marketing side of your business–I work together with you on the spiritual and energetic side of you and your business.

My own right-now Destiny is helping women like you to align with their Soul’s Goals in my signature Destiny Coaching and Destiny Workshops.

Let’s talk about what it would mean for you to
Align with the Divine.

You’ve been looking for your MoJo–

And guess what–that’s my specialty!

Your MoJo is your essence, your destiny, and your gifts that are meant to be shared, expressed, and shouted out loud!

Your MoJo is your unique recipe for Destiny stew.

(And by no coincidence, it’s also a wordplay with my last name, Morrow-Johnson)

Join me and other woo-seekers at the next Woo Wednesday.

“Hey, MoJo, I want to…”

Woo Wednesdays!

Join me and other “woo” women for this no-cost, fun, and fascinating get-together.

It’s all about the “woo,” baby!