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MoJo’s 1:1 Coaching Is for You If…


…You are a solo-preneur—or you plan to start your own business

…You want very much to help others with your spiritual or energetic gifts

–and you have felt the Tug of Fate, pulling you to make your magic with those gifts

…You are getting really tired of “doing everything right” in your business–and the doors are still slamming shut

…You’ve developed a nasty habit of putting everyone else ahead of yourself

…You are ready to become YOU instead of (or in addition to) Mom, Wife, Boss, Employee, Housekeeper, Caretaker…

You would really like to enjoy the Fulfillment, Fun, & Funds you expect from being a business owner…

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*Client Favorite*

GOOD NEWS ONLY Fortune-Telling Cards

What if every card in a deck bore only good news?

This deck of 48 oracle cards will help guide your life, answer your questions, and communicate with Spirit–and all in positive ways. There is ALWAYS good news about something, somewhere, just waiting for you to hear the news and enjoy its manifestation. Each card bears a simple word or phrase, making them oh-so-versatile for readings, whether for yourself or others. Each deck arrives in a crystal organza, drawstring bag, complete with instructions. Cards measure 3″ x 2.5″. Now in stock! 

One Deck of 48 “GOOD NEWS” Oracle Cards … $15. (+ tax and shipping)
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Ready to turn those slamming doors into doors that fly open for you? 

When your soul-centered business is not delivering the Fulfillment, Fun, and Funds that you want–nay, that you deserve!–it’s time to work on Choosing Your Destiny.

Download your no-cost Destiny Workbook to get started now.

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