Congratulations! You’re one step closer Choosing Your Destiny and Loving Your Business! 

Here’s how your no-cost e-book works:

Step 1 – Head to your email to download your copy of the DESTINY WORKBOOK e-book (If you don’t see my email, be sure to check your spam folder.)

Step 2 – Go through the info and exercises about the 7 Elements of Your Destiny.

Step 3 – Refer back to this workbook at any time! For example:

  • When you notice that doors seem to be slamming in your face, instead of flying open for you.
  • When you’re feeling like “What am I doing wrong here?”
  • When you want clarity on who you are and what you are meant to be!

MoJo Pro-Tip: You have more than one Destiny—and you get to choose which one lights you up the most in any moment. I specially created my DESTINY WORKBOOK to help you turn on those lights!

This e-book is jam-packed with wisdom, divine knowledge, and insights gleaned from my 20+ years of experience as a business owner, psychic medium, manifestation expert, and coach. My “Choose Your Destiny” Workshop (with its associated coaching and seminars) is a first-of-its-kind program which translates what you’ve been taught to believe all your life into new wisdom, new thought, and psychology, with a shot of quantum physics on the side.

Email me at if you have any questions or feedback. I really would love to hear from you!

 P.S. I’ll be in touch with more info about Choosing Your Destiny, as well as

  • Aligning with your purpose, so that opportunities fall in your lap
  • Gaining clarity about not only your purpose, but also your next step
  • Connecting with the Divine
  • And much more. So stay tuned!

MoJo’s 1:1 Coaching Is for You If…


…You are a solo-preneur—or you plan to start your own business

…You want very much to help others with your spiritual or energetic gifts

–and you have felt the Tug of Fate, pulling you to make your magic with those gifts

…You are getting really tired of “doing everything right” in your business–and the doors are still slamming shut

…You’re starting to figure out that you can do all the marketing “right” and still need to align with your true purpose

You would really like to enjoy the Fulfillment, Fun, & Funds you expect from being a business owner…

Find out AAAAAALL the scoop here.