Hey, Soul-Centered Entrepreneur–

 You are only a few sessions away from discovering your Soul’s Goals and the YOU you came into this life to be

Dive into the essence of “Choose Your Destiny & Love Your Life” —

  1. Discover/recover all of your talents,
  2. Choose your light-you-up favorites, and
  3. Decide how you want to use those talents in service to others (for moolah or not).

I support women over 40, especially new entrepreneurs and “MLM survivors,” to align with their purpose, through my seminars, workshops, and coaching.

Let’s have a chitty-chat about where you are and where you really want to be. You can spot me easily–I’ll be the one wearing the psychic medium hat.wink

[Psst! This is a lot of words, and if you’re like me, you want to cut to the chase.
So click here to do just that. But if you really want to get all the nitty-gritty, by all means, read on, dear! I didn’t write all this for my health!]

Failing to Find the
Fulfillment, Fun, & FUNDS

that you want (and deserve) from your business?

You don’t need another marketing course or an accountability coach,
you need to

Choose Your Destiny

through my personalized—and personal—7-week coaching program.

I always bring my bestest psychic medium powers to hold sacred space for you, while we dig into your divine value, your soul’s goals, and your favorite light-you-up talents.

From your first session, you’ll start feeling optimistic that yes, you really do have a purpose (or several) in this life, and you really are going to love carrying them out.

Because your Destiny is always
going to involve doing something you enjoy.

By our last session, you will

  • Know your spirit guides and how to communicate with them
  • Feel your divine value (worthiness) to your core
  • Understand the ways your childhood shaped you toward or away from your soul’s goals
  • Have clarity about your dreams and their divine nature
  • Hold a list of all your talents–I promise you’ll discover some you didn’t even know you had
  • Make a decision about how you’re going to move forward with your chosen right-now destiny
  • Be equipped with the manifestation tools to make it all happen!

MoJo Pro-Tip: Your Destiny is not some kind of Quixotic Quest or Cosmic Command. IOW, you don’t have to be Joan of Arc (unless you really dig the martyr scene).

And also, your Destiny has two equally-important parts:
1 – Your life purpose, or who you are meant to be
(you get to choose from several, even changing it as you see fit)
2 – The joy of fulfilling it!

Bottom Line:

Choosing Your Destiny means you Align with the Divine, selecting Your Right-Now Purpose, so that doors start to fly open for you, instead of slamming shut in your face.

Additional benefits include:

  • More Clients/Sales/Business**
  • New Schtuff (Because Manifestation)
  • That Blissful “Aligned with the Divine” Feeling
  • Opportunities & Helpful People Crossing Your Path
  • Life Joy

**No, I can’t guarantee that your business will thrive if you coach with me, but if your biz isn’t growing in spite of your “doing everything right” in terms of marketing, you owe it to yourself and your business (that I know you love like your cat) to at least have a chat with me

[In a hurry to get started? Go straight to the coaching application here. In a hurry for the $$$$$ part? Find that here.]

Listen, in our physical world, time limits all of us! Thus, I have only so much room in my schedule for my beloved one-on-one clients.

So if you would love to make actual, tangible improvements in your life and biz,

complete your coaching application today.

Or… if you know you are ready for making real changes, but you have a question or two about coaching with me,

get started with a down-and-dirty Destiny Diagnostic call with me today.

Working with you is a mix of comfort, calm, fun and insight.

It is like having a conduit into the truth of what my soul wants and what my angels are guiding me toward.

It’s being with someone who sees me and hears me not just at the surface but at the deeper levels too.

Being in a session with you is being in a space of unconditional acceptance and possibility.

And it’s just plain fun!

Mary Tirrell, Brilliant Hypnotherapist

Looking for what some of my other coaching clients have said?

You got it–you’ll find a bunch of them right here.


(Here’s the $$$$$ part)

I know what you’re thinking (because I’m psychic):

“This sounds amazing! It must cost a fortune!” 

And you’re right about one thing–it IS amazing! BUT FORTUNE-ately, you would be mistaken about that “must cost a fortune” thing.

Of course, making major improvements to your biz and life does require an investment on your part.

First, you’ll want to put your heart and soul into the work we do together, so that you get the outcome you desire and deserve: a big shift in your energy toward a meaningful purpose for you and your biz.

And, second, your financial investment is only $1495.

[Payment plans available thru PayPal]

So come on, submit your application today and let’s get this party started!

Your amazeballs destiny is waiting for you!

When you have submitted your application, you’ll be given a link to my calendar, so we can start our plans for working together on your Destiny!

“If we all used our talents, there would be perfect balance.”
~~MoJo Medium

I always felt that Susan listened to what I was saying and understood my needs.

Following my graduation from Destiny coaching, I feel more aware of who I am, what gifts and talents I can share with the world or do for myself to have more enjoyment in life.

The Micro Meditations were very helpful and also helped put me in a better mood when I was feeling depressed or frustrated with the day.

I plan to go back through the program notes and continue to incorporate more of the homework in my day to day.

I felt I was already on the right track to discovering my purpose in life. Through the exercises in the program, it became more clear that I was on the right track. I also discovered much more about myself.

Susan is very compassionate and cares about her clients. She is a manifestation expert who helps guide you to become more aware of who you are, what your talents are, and enlightens you on living your best life.

Leanne, New York

I am so excited to be figuring out my destiny! With your help, of course. I was pretty happy with my job, but I didn’t know what might lie beyond it. Wow! My eyes have been opened! I especially love the training in intuition and meditation, and the way you help me answer my own questions and figure out what I am going to BE next. I wouldn’t say “DO”, because I feel like I am evolving. Thank you!

C.S.L., Pennsylvania

Working with you is a mix of comfort, calm, fun and insight.

It is like having a conduit into the truth of what my soul wants and what my angels are guiding me toward.

It’s being with someone who sees me and hears me not just at the surface but at the deeper levels too.

Being in a session with you is being in a space of unconditional acceptance and possibility.

And it’s just plain fun! 

Mary Tirrell, Colorado

You changed my life for the better. It is hard to believe how much I have grown into my worthiness and spirituality.

You always made me feel extremely comfortable during our sessions. You were caring and compassionate and understood what I needed that day. The notes that you sent afterword were helpful to look back on to remind myself of why I was doing this.

Sara, Texas

After working with Susan for only a few weeks, I feel like I am more energetic and more productive. I am worrying a lot less, and I used to be a big worry-wort. I’m also finding my direction, which is big, since I was feeling like I didn’t have any purpose or destiny. I’m so glad I found her!

J.L.S., Texas

Working with you always makes me think. And feel and be. I feel like I am stepping into my real self for the first time in my life. I’ve always kind of “done what’s right” and I was thinking that that was all there was for me. Now I get it! I’m looking forward to my future. Or, like you say, my futureS, because every path leads to more paths.

A MoJo Client

I have loved working with Susan. She has helped me find focus, uncover my passions (yes, more than one), and become less stressed and less worried! That is huge for me! I also find that I have been more honest with my loved ones, and the results have been astounding. Thank you, Susan!

Melissa Montemayor, Houston

 love working with you. I get a “genuine” vibe from you meaning your spirit feels so genuine. Not to mention your woo-woo capabilities (again, genuine). It just feels like we’ve known each other forever. It’s a rare gift, so thank you!

Pearl M., Australia

Our MoJo Coaching Session was epic for me . . . Every moment of contact with you makes me realize how special you are. How dear you are and how deep your gifts go. Thank you for being one of my angels.

Donna, Texas