MoJo Medium Presents:

“Make 2023 Your Bestie”

[A Mighty MoJo Workshop]

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MoJo’s Top Three Reasons Why

Resolutions Suck!

3. They do nothing to motivate or inspire you.

2. They make you feel guilty and ashamed.


And that’s why

MoJo’s Manifestation Methods
are soooo goooood!

“New Year, New You?”


New Year, DO You!

Do 2023 YOUR way,
not the way some celebrity or “influencer” tells you to.

To that end, grab a sheet of paper,
a 3″ x 5″ index card or two or seven,
gather up some pens/crayons/pencils in your favorite colors,
and let’s do this!

Do this what, MoJo?

First, you’re going to find your word or theme for the year.
I have a special worksheet that we will walk through together.

And THEN, you are going to make Vision Cards–
you know, kinda like Vision Boards but smaller.
The kind you can put in your wallet, your purse, under your pillow–

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You may be thinking,
“But why would you want a little card?
How can I cut out giant magazine pictures and paste them to a tiny card?
How can I study my vision board every day if it’s not on the wall?
Have you lost your manifesting MoJo mind?”

First, no, I have not. My therapist said so.

And second, trust me–
just show up and have fun setting up 2023 to be a good year,
maybe even a fantastic one.

Groovy, right? Yeah. Groovy.

We’ll meet via Zoom so we can have Show & Tell.

This workshop is limited to only 15 people–
bc I like to give you plenty of personal attention
–so sign thee up now
and Make This Beastie Your Bestie!

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What: “Make 2023 Your Bestie” Workshop

When: Wednesday, January 18, 2023,
7:00 p.m. Central

[Can’t make it live? Register anyway for
access to the replay,

which is the next best thing.]

How Much: $20.23
[It is required by cosmic law
to price it to match the year. Shrug.]

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     Supply List

    • A sheet of notebook paper or a legal pad,
    • one or more 3″ x 5″ index cards (5″ x 7″ is also acceptable),
    • one or more pens or other writing utensils in your favorite color/s,
    • a glass of water/wine/beverage of your choice

      Housekeeping: *This will take you to PayPal. When your $20.23 is received here in my lair, I will send you an email and you’ll then have all the wheres and whens and so forth. You will also receive one reminder email two days before and one the day of.

      Your perfect 2023 cannot be guaranteed, natch–I mean, I’m a good witch, but you gotta make your own magic–and you’ll have a lot better chance of making groovy improovy–uh, I mean, improvements to your life if you do the workshop. And besides, it’s FUN.

      Other disclaimers and whatnot.