Frequently Asked Questions

For a play-by-play, check out “Anatomy of a Reading”

What happens in one of your readings?
Oh, we have a great time!  Working over the phone or video conference, I start with your Current Energy, and I explain what that means for you.  It will usually both reflect where you are and give you some instructions for greater success. Then we talk to spirit/s of your late loved one/s, if you are interested. Next, we move on to what’s going on in your life and what you need help with. Questions are welcome but not required. I wrap it all up by throwing a few angel cards, to confirm what we have discussed and to be sure we didn’t miss anything important.  Afterward, I email you my notes, which I have been scribbling furiously during the reading.

How can you read for me over the phone?  
You may have heard that everything is energy.  Well, energy is everywhere.  It doesn’t matter whether you are standing in front of me, talking to me on the phone, waiting to get an email from me, or sitting on my lap!  The energy is all the same.  In fact, it’s slightly easier for me to read for you if you are not in front of me, because there are fewer distractions.  I’ve been giving readings by phone for many years and I always deliver startlingly accurate readings.  Keep in mind that working by phone helps me be greener (nobody has to drive to me) and allows me to serve people all over the world, including you!

But what about the spirits of my late loved ones?  How can you see if they are near me?
Well, they are not really near you in the physical sense.  Their energy may mingle with yours at times or often.  Again, energy is everywhere and I can tap into it regardless of your location.  What I “see” and “hear” is all in my mind’s eye–and my mind’s ear–so it’s not necessary for me to see you in order to see your loved ones on the Other Side.  I discuss both of these questions more in-depth in this blog post.

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Can you promise me that my loved one will come through for me? 
I can’t guarantee any particular spirit on any particular day, BUT I can say that experience has shown that your loved ones will almost always come through for you. I always ask in my pre-reading meditation that your loved ones appear, as long as they have your best interests at heart. (That is my subtle way of telling anyone with a negative thought to get lost!) If I don’t have any one come in before the reading, I will ask you for the name and relationship of the person you would most like to hear from and then we will call them up on the “cosmic phone”. You can do something too, to ensure the best result: before our session, say a little prayer for guidance or simply ask your loved one/s to speak to you through me. 

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? 
I’ve written a blog post about this. Please click here.

How did you become a psychic/how did you know you were psychic?
I think people usually ask this because they want to know if they are psychic themselves and don’t know it.  (Yes, you are, at least to some degree.)  And I think they ask it because they think maybe being a psychic is different from being a “regular” person.  And I tell them, I really didn’t know who I was until I was about 40.  There were premonitions over the years, big and small, things I would tell my friends and they just shrugged.  I predicted my own husband’s death 6 years prior, and I had a horrible nightmare about September 11 about two weeks before.  When I was a child, I always felt people around me, felt that I was being watched by unseen eyes. My mother attributed that to my excellent and creative imagination.  I never felt weird or different, just creative.  You’ll find more info about my psychic-ness in my blog and my “About” page.

Can I get a recording of my reading?
Please feel free to record our session, if you like. I am not equipped to record it, but have no objection to you doing so.