Destiny + Choice = Loving Your Life

Did you know that you get to choose your Destiny? 


If you still haven’t figured out what you want to be when you grow up (and you are SO not alone!),

Or you wish you had a spotlight to illuminate your path,

Or you just know you were meant to be more, but you can’t find your purpose…

MoJo will be your guide.


The Big Gasp!

Have you ever had a moment of self/divine-revelation, when the heavens chorused and the light shone upon you and you gasped at this new concept that gave you chills and brought tears to your eyes?

If not, you will.

Follow MoJo.

And Speaking of Destiny…

MoJo Medium is
The Official Destiny Coach
Audacious Author
“Spirit-acious” Speaker
Self-Improvement Leader

Susan “MoJo” Morrow-Johnson fumbled her ADHD-way from a freakishly-happy childhood to an extraordinarily ordinary adulthood, until she discovered a stunning latent talent: she could talk to dead people.

Thousands of readings later, MoJo added an overflowing cupful of divine downloads from the Other Side to her cauldron of talents, including divine guidance, writing, speaking, philosophy, and a pinch of smart-ass for good measure.

From thence, MoJo became enlight-taining speaker you simply must have as a guest on your podcast, or at your next luncheon or event. 

Let’s talk.


Why “MoJo”?

Not only is it wordplay with my last name, Morrow-Johnson, but it also means
your essence,
your destiny, and

your gifts that are meant to be shared, expressed, and sung out loud!

Your MoJo is your unique recipe for Destiny stew.

Start cookin’ here.

Make a Clean Break

Whether you are broken-hearted,
Or just plain broke,

My next book, Break Up with What’s Broken,
will help you understand why “broken” is optional.

Catch a Break here.


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