One of my destinies is…writing!

(Don’t miss this super-secret specialty)

I literally started writing stories when I was four.
I dictated to my mom, because I didn’t know my letters yet.

Yes, I was inescapably born a writer. There was a time when I plied my craft as a professional copywriter-for-hire.

That’s write – I mean, RIGHT, and that copywriting service was named–Ta-DAAA!

Words Are We

For a limited time, Words Are We is back, but with a twist:

I only craft Business Names,
Domain Names, and

Looking for someone to write your whole website or a page on it?
Need a bio for your podcast?
Finding it hard to create content for social media and emails?

You are looking in the wrong place.
(Although I’m happy to refer you to several excellent copywriters.)

But when you need
a stand-out business name,
a pithy domain/URL,
or a catchy tagline

–that makes your business unique and memorable, just like little ol’ you…

Now, we’re cookin’ with gas.

Words Are We.

Working with Words Are We is simple:

1. Grab a quick “coffee chat” with me to determine your needs and agree to a fee. You pay 50% up front, and the remainder upon delivery of your WORDS.

2. Next (or right away), we have a serious interview, in which I delve into all your deepest secrets–nah, I just need to know what you’re trying to accomplish with the words I’m going to provide you. Any branding or copy you already have can be shared. If you have a copywriter who is doing other work for you, this would be a great time for her to join us. Expect this little tête-à-tête to take about half an hour.

3. After that, I toddle off into my writer’s atelier and start throwing words at the wall to see what sticks.

4. And finally, I send you at least two options for each name, domain, or tagline you are getting, and you pay me the remaining 50%. Gratuities also gratefully and graciously accepted. I’ll even fawn a little, if you like.


I know you need to have a ballpark, at least. (I’m a darned good psychic too, you know.)

Your Business Name – starting at $1100.
Your Domain Name – starting at $750.
Your Tagline – starting at $1450.
Your Whole Shebang – starting at $2200.
Just need some spit-balling and tweaking with a fresh pair of eyes? Okay. – starting at $500.

Extra schtuff you want to know:

All Words Are We services come with one re-work, e.g., if you hate both choices I give you, even though we have gone back and forth carefully to be sure you get the perfect Words, I will happily trot back to my atelier and hunker down yet again for you. Bc I like it when you smile.

What do I know that you don’t know? Well, for starters, I’m a certified Crone, so that’s gotta count for something.

Besides, see above, where I talked about how I started to write stories at age 4. By elementary school, when I did know my letters, I became downright prolific with my little novellas crafted on stapled leaves of notebook paper with construction-paper covers. I illustrated them too.

And add to that my umpteen businesses since 1999, including this one, Words Are We. You see how the name is reminiscent of a certain now-defunct, grammatically-incorrect toy store? That makes it memorable.

And the way it broadly hints at what the business is about? That makes your audience want to know more.

And finally, the URL–wordsarewe (.) com–is easy to spell and doesn’t look like it might mean something else. Remember the site named therapist .com? If you look at it like the first three letters are the article “the”…. uh, you get it. (It’s still out there, btw.)

This is why I price domain names separately. You may not even need one, if your business name is good like it is. But if you have an existing business name, and you need a domain that is memorable and all that other stuff, I’ll get you fixed up.

Oh, boop-boop-be-do, P.S. In another of my past business ventures, I was led a large networking group and taught workshops on networking, which required me to be darned good at creating those “elevator speeches”!

That subsidiary was called Workshops Are We. Because of course it was! Another workshop was Grammar Grouch, in which I helped professionals write professionally. (I am an apostrophe expert, if you need help with your plurals and possessives.)

Oh, Baby!

Words Are We also offers something that no one else does:

Baby Names!

You will get the prize for the most unusual and welcome shower gift for the parents-to-be when you present this service.

When I was expecting my daughters, I chose their names very carefully, according to the “rules” laid out by my husband and me. We wanted their names to:

👶Be unusual but not weird
👶  Have a built-in nickname for a child with a solid “real” name for an adult
👶  Start with “M” to go with our last name
👶 Be free of possible “tease-worthy” nicknames, rhymes, and acronyms.

I scoured the birth announcements and the baby name books for just the right name. Growing up with such a common name for my generation, I wanted to be sure my daughters didn’t suffer the same fate–being just one in a sea of Susans. And I chose ideal names that have stood them in good stead for well over 30 years.

What “rules” do you–or your shower-gift recipient?–have in mind for baby names?
👶 Want to include a family name or something similar to one?
👶 Maybe, unlike me, you prefer a common name or a “nickname”-sounding name.
👶 If you’re a millennial, perhaps you’d like fruit and vegetable names. 😉

Whatever your preferences, I will put my MoJo to work on helping you choose the perfect name for your baby.


👶 Basic Baby: First and middle name only, create your own nickname $125.

👶 *Best Value* Boss Baby: Three pairs of first and middle names, minimum of two nicknames $199.

👶 Please allow two weeks from the date of inquiry to “Delivery” of baby’s name/s. (See what I did there?)
👶 Multiples priced case-by-case.
👶 If you want something really outlandish, like Bumblebee or Loafer, you’re on your own. But you probably don’t want my help for that.
👶 Other info available on request.