When you join us in the Mighty MoJo Club,

you take your first step on the path

away from “Not Enough” and

on your way to “Plenty”.

With MoJo and your new woo-woo friends,

you will learn about



what your gifts are–

and how to use them in service to others

(for moola or not!)–

New friends, new fun, new wisdom that befits

a Diamond Woman like you…


Message from MoJo:

 Howdy, Diamond Woman–

Aren’t you tired of
Too Much “Not Enough” and
Not Enough “Plenty”?

I certainly was. And then I realized that *I* am a Diamond Woman!

Diamond Women are sometimes called “Women of a Certain Age”.

(Personally, I prefer “Women of a Certain STAGE.”)

Diamond Women are sometimes called “older”, “mature”, or “middle-aged”.


But we Diamond Women have a Secret Power:

We have endured tremendous pressure
to become the
priceless, sparkling jewels we are now.

Yeah. Pressure.

Pressure to be, do, and have (or NOT) all these THINGs that our culture puts on us:

Be skinny, be polite, be subservient, give of ourselves until there’s nothing left.

Don’t be greedy! Don’t be rude! Don’t be ugly!

Get your education and find a good man.

Have babies and raise them right.

Put up with being stared at, catcalled,

hit on, pinched, even assaulted, and keep quiet about it.

Don’t expect to get promoted. Don’t expect to make money.


Ugh. Ugh. And MORE UGH.

THAT is the PRESSURE that has made Diamonds out of us.

Now, you may be a Diamond in the Rough.

You may not know yet how very strong you are–

how capable, how beautiful, how WORTHY, how DIVINE.

And that is exactly why Goddess invented MoJo. 😉

to lead you down
your own path to
a groovier life.

My calling is to focus on you and
your BE-DO-HAVE,
your Dire Desires,
your Divine Value,
your Destiny,
your Legacy, and
your Achievement of Groovy…

How? With the Mighty MoJo Club.

 Which of these thoughts keep YOU awake at night?

“When is it MY TURN?”
“Why am I here?”
          “Is this all there is?”
“There MUST be more to life!”
“What do I want to be when grow up?”
“I kind of want to leave a legacy…?”
“I feel like I am supposed to be
doing something important
           and helpful and maybe even fun…
but I have no idea what that is!”

If one or more of these sounds like it came straight out of your heart…

the Mighty MoJo Club

You are invited to join this extraordinary online community,
where Diamond Women join together to
cure their big, fat “NOT ENOUGH”.


Our motto is



Yeah. You know, “MoJo” is not just a riff on my last name, Morrow-Johnson.

“MoJo” means “essence”–it is what makes you YOU.
It’s your spiritual gifts, your values, your tangible talents–
Your unique “Self Soup”!

And when you figure out what your MoJo is,
and you start using that gift/s in service to others,

And when you learn how to
Create / Allow / Manifest / Attract
what you really want
(instead of Settling for the Same Old Dookie),

then, my dear, you will realize: YOU DON’T HAVE TO SETTLE ANYMORE!

Don’t worry–it’s easier than it sounds, and I am here to guide you!

What Do We Do in the Mighty MoJo Club?

When you join The Mighty MoJo Club, you’re walking into a room of new friends and like-minded, spiritual, seeking, woo-woo Diamond Women. Right away, you will feel like YOU BELONG.

Our work/play in the Club includes:

            • Not settling for “not enough” anymore and
            • Learning to be/do/have plenty!
            • Monthly Angel Card Readings/R.I.P. Readings (“R.I.P.” means your loved one who has passed away)
            • Monthly MoJo Café sessions (sort of like office hours)
            • Monthly Mighty MoJo Classes on a huge variety of helpful topics, such as figuring out
            • what your purpose is,
            • what your talents are and
            • how to use them in service to others, plus
            • metaphysical stuff, like
            • manifestation/Law of Attraction,
            • how to read angel cards,
            • tune into spirits,
            • tune into Spirit,
            • what Self-Care really means,
            • medical intuition,
            • The incredible Inspo Library stuffed with ebooks, articles, videos, etc.
            • A massive discount on HOLD ON! For a limited time, when you join the Mighty MoJo Club, you will also get access to the entireMake Magic with MoJoprogram, the only manifestation system that actually works, at no additional charge
            • Exclusive access to MoJo’s amazeballs, life-changing, enlight-taining 1:1 psychic medium readings, on perma-sale for only $99 (used to be $197)
            • New friendships with other members, and
            • So much more!

Everyone is at a different place in their personal and spiritual development–there will always be someone farther down their path than you, and there will always be a newbie or seven who are not as far along as you are. But as long as you want to Stop Settling for the Same Old Dookie, YOU BELONG.

In the Club, you’ll have access to regular group chats and posts. Check in every day or several times a day. Ask questions–and answer questions from others.

And pretty quickly, you’ll start to feel like you’re a part of something bigger, something kind of–dare I say?–cosmic.


Q.  Where and when does the Mighty MoJo Club meet?

A.  We meet in a private Facebook group any time you like. We do have scheduled events, usually held on Zoom and simulcast live in the group, and replays are always available immediately following.

Q.  What if I can’t make some of the meetings and events at the times they are held?

A.  All of the meetings and events are immediately available in replay, so you can watch them when you have the time. Plus you can post and comment and message MoJo and other members on your schedule. Of course, it is great to be there live, and you can always join in when your time allows.

Q. I’ve been hearing a lot of bad things about that social media platform. What if we can’t use it anymore?

A. Ikr? But no worries. We have a very solid back-up plan in the event that using FB becomes a problem for any reason. For now, we are sticking with it, because it is working well for us.

Q.  Do you have to be psychic or something to be in the club? And what if I am not a “Diamond Woman” yet?

A.  All are welcome! While the majority of members are Diamond Women, and many are intuitives or healers, all you really “have” to be is dissatisfied with some aspect/s of your life and curious as to how you can make it better. MoJo Pro-Tip: Trust me–you do have your talents. 😘

Q.  Can I get a psychic reading?

A.  Oh, yes, indeed. Access to MoJo’s psychic readings is one of the benefits of membership, because they are no longer available to the public at large. MoJo Pro-Tip: If you are learning to throw cards or giving other readings, you are welcome to practice with us in our monthly Readings events!

Q.  Can I cancel my membership?

A.  Not that you will want to, but yes, you can cancel at any time; however, be aware that no dues will be refunded on cancellation.

Q.  What if I don’t want to use PayPal?

A.  Easy–you just contact me directly and let me know which payment processor works best for you. And I’ll get you set up!

Q.  What if I have other questions?

A.  Contact me any time. I will answer you personally within a business day.

Who Is This MoJo You Speak Of?

I’m a woo-woo weirdo who lives in the real world! Yeah, yeah, I SEEM so “normal”. 

My real name is Susan Morrow-Johnson (you can call me Susan or Suzi or MoJo or Mother–just don’t call me late for dinner. Har!)

I’m your spirituality mentor
intuitive know-it-all,
groovy life coach,
manifestation genius,
aaaand psychic medium.

(Yep, I foretell the future and talk to dead people. Find the Readings page here.)

Some time ago, I received Cosmic Guidance to expand the services I was offering. BC I am SO much more than “just” my psychic readings (which, frankly, are amazeballs).

And my Guides pointed out that, as I have often noticed, many of my clients in psychic readings were Diamond Women who were feeling Too Much “Not Enough” and Not Enough “Plenty”:

  • Not Enough self-esteem,
  • Not Enough money,
  • Not Enough love,
  • Not Enough knowing what to do with their life,
  • Not Enough satisfaction,
  • just like… Not Enough.

Just like I was not so long ago. And maybe just like you are now!

Here in the Mighty MoJo Club, we are determined to
Stop Settling for the Same Old Dookie–
and to Be/Do/Have PLENTY.
And YOU BELONG with us.

(Wanna jump right in? Click here to join now.)
Lucky for you, all the other members, and my little ol’ self,
I have figured out the whole enchilada:
how to Stop Settling for the Same Old Dookie,
how to Be/Do/Have Plenty,
how to sparkle like the Diamond you are, and
yeah, how to actually change your life for the better.
I’ve done it for myself for years
and in the Mighty MoJo Club, you get it all.

YOU BELONG, Diamond Woman.
Now, let’s MoJo.

The Mighty MoJo Club


$99 for your first month…Hold on there!

For a limited time, get Special Savings –
only $33 for the first month,
$47 per month after that

MoJo Pro-Tip:  You can hem and haw and “think about it” till the cows come home, but this offer will not be around much longer. If you want in for just 33 buckaroos, you’d better do it now. 

Your membership includes:

  • The Mighty MoJo Club newsfeed and community (in a Facebook group),
  • New friends, new wisdom, and spiritual information
  • Monthly Mighty MoJo Classes, where you’ll Find Your MoJo so you can Love Your Life
  • Monthly MoJo Café group coaching sessions
  • Monthly Angel Card Readings/RIP Readings Event
  • Access to optional paid events with the Club discount
  • The Inspo Library (stuffed with videos, ebooks, past Mighty MasterClasses, and more)
  • Exclusive access to my world-famous, lemon-freshened, enlight-taining Psychic Readings–on perma-sale for members only
  • A whole new experience that shows you that you can Stop Settling for the Same Old Dookie
  • And the piece de resistance: Access to Make Magic with MoJo, the only manifestation system that actually works, for zero additional dollars.

Membership Dues:

First month $33, then only $47 a month.*

*This link goes to PayPal; more details in “Housekeeping” below.

Housekeeping: The Membership Dues link will take you to PayPal to set up your monthly payments.** The first month will be $99 make that $33, and subsequent months $47. Next, you’ll receive a welcome email from me, with the link to our private Facebook group, and you’re in like MoJo!

**You may cancel your Membership at any time. No Membership dues will be refunded after cancellation. Rates are subject to change without notice; however, your rate will remain at the rate you joined. Best to join now!

Limits may apply.

Check out our latest Open House. You’ll love it! Angel card readings that are FOR YOU NOW (and I’ll explain why), a virtual tour of the club, and much more!