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You are invited to join
the Mighty MoJo Club!

You are invited to join this extraordinary community,
where the Woo-Woo People meet, share, learn, and create.
Our motto is
“Find Your MoJo & Love Your Life”.


Yeah. You know, “MoJo” is not just a riff on my last name, Morrow-Johnson.

“MoJo” means “essence”–it is what makes you YOU.
It’s your spiritual gifts, your values, your tangible talents–
Your unique “Self Soup”!

And when you figure out what your MoJo is,
and you start using those gifts in service to others,

and when you learn how to
Create / Allow / Manifest / Attract
what you really want
(instead of settling for the same old dookie),

then, my dear, you will start to love your life.

Don’t worry–it’s easier than it sounds, and I am here to guide you!

Why Do You Want to Be A Part of the Mighty MoJo Club?

When you join The Mighty MoJo Club, you’re walking into a room of new friends and like-minded Woo-Woo people. Right away, you will feel like YOU BELONG.

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Our work/play in the Club includes:

  • Weekly Angel Card Readings
  • A variety of training, such as how to read angel cards, tune into spirits, tune into Spirit, the REAL Self-Care, medical intuition, manifestation/Law of Attraction, and lots more
  • Monthly R.I.P. Readings (for ELITE members–“R.I.P.” means your loved one who has passed away)
  • MoJo’s Mighty Masterclasses, regular coaching and training meetings where we really dive down the rabbit hole
  • The incredible Inspo Library stuffed with ebooks, articles, videos, etc., all about all the woo-woo stuff in the world
  • New friendships, even business partnerships, with other members
  • So much more!

Just like in yoga, you will always be both teacher and student, learning for yourself and sharing what you know.

Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual development–there will always be someone farther down their path than you, and there will always be a newbie or seven who are not as far along as you are. But always, they and YOU BELONG.

In the Club, you’ll have access to regular group chats and posts. Check in every day or several times a day. Ask questions–and answer questions from others.

And pretty quickly, you’ll start to feel like you’re a part of something bigger, something kind of–dare I say?–cosmic.

Who Is This MoJo You Speak Of?

I’m a woo-woo weirdo who lives in the real world! Yeah, yeah, I SEEM so “normal”. 

My real name is Susan Morrow-Johnson (you can call me Susan or Suzi or MoJo or Mom–just don’t call me late for dinner. Har!)

I’m your spirituality mentor,
intuitive/know-it-all, groovy life coach,
manifestation genius,
aaaand psychic medium.

(Yep, I foretell the future and talk to dead people. Find the Readings page here.)

Some time ago, I received Cosmic Guidance to expand the services I was offering. BC I am SO much more than “just” my psychic readings
(which, frankly, are amazeballs).

And my Guides pointed out that, as I had often noticed in the past, many if not most of my psychic readings clients were themselves intuitives, empaths, healers, and —well, woo-woo weirdos livin’ in the real world just like me. Just like you!

We are all seekers.

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However, most of those clients (maybe you too?) didn’t fully understand their gifts yet and/or didn’t know what to do with them and/or had no idea how special their spiritual gifts really were and/or . . . You get the idea–
I can see in you what you may not even know about yourself.

And with THAT particular gift–seeing the Light in YOU–I expanded my services.

And That’s What The Mighty MoJo Club Is About?

Yeah, in The Mighty MoJo Club, we talk about aaaalll of that.

This club is especially for you if you…

really love woo-woo stuff,
feel like you might be a little bit (or a lot) psychic (or not),
love Law of Attraction,
are already dabbling in the Mystic Arts, like Tarot or Reiki,
are curious about the workings of the Universe,
feel that you are an empath,
want to know more about spirituality, heaven, and why you are here.

Most of us struggle with that “Why am I here?” question at some point.
It may also manifest as “Is this all there is?”
or “There MUST be more to this life!”

So join us, and let’s dive down the rabbit hole:
♥ Why are you here?
♥ How can you create what you want in your life and stop settling for the Same Old Dookie?

♥ Is there such a thing as Destiny?
♥ What is a Soul Mate?
♥ What is Manifestation/Law of Attraction?

♥ What is God?
♥ Is there a heaven/hell?
♥ Who are your angels and guides?
What are you supposed to be doing with your life?
♥ Plus psychic schtuff, angel cards, mediumship, manifestation, meditation, joy, and…
finding your MOJO.

Exclusive Access for Members Only

Courses like Make Magic with MoJo,
ongoing training and coaching groups
the Inspo Library,
stuffed full of videos, ebooks, and more to
satisfy your thirst for knowledge
and your hunger for understanding yourself
and your gifts.

BONUS: Club Members get priority scheduling at no extra cost
when getting a 1:1 reading or coaching session with MoJo.

AND, Bonus to the Bonus, Club Members get aaaaall the MoJo News before anyone else. In the whole tired world.
Yes. You special MoJo Matey, you!

Yeah. It’s like that.
Let’s MoJo.

The Mighty MoJo PREMIERE Membership


Your monthly subscription fee includes:

  • The Mighty MoJo Club newsfeed and community
  • New friends, new wisdom and new spiritual information,
  • Weekly angel card readings,
  • Access to optional paid events with the Club discount,
  • The Inspo Library (stuffed with videos, ebooks, past workshops, and more),
  • MoJo’s Mighty MasterClasses, frequent tutorials and workshops on a wide variety of woo-woo topics.
  • MoJo Cafe (like Office Hours)
  • Priority scheduling for readings and Magic Moments with MoJo

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The Mighty MoJo ELITE Membership

Your monthly subscription fee includes:

Aaaall of the Premiere membership
the monthly RIP Readings Event, in which I communicate with the loved one you are missing the most.

We do this in an online video conference, and the Group Effect assures the other readings will have messages meant for you too.

Secret Special Pricing Just for You

$77 $66 per month* 

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Make Magic with MoJo

Your one-time fee includes the Mighty MoJo Basic Membership


The entire course of Make Magic with MoJo, 19+ video training modules, along with worksheets and ebooks, to help you create what you really want in life and stop settling for the same old dookie.

The Mighty MoJo Club Basic Membership is included for free for a whole year!

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