Sponsor a Suzi-Q & A LIVE Psychic Event

susanmorrowWant me to come to your city with my Suzi-Q & A LIVE?

Any individual, group, or business can become a sponsor.

Sponsors make it possible for me to bring Suzi-Q & A LIVE to the city of their choosing.  By covering my expenses, sponsors give more people the opportunity to benefit from the psychic events.

Depending on the cost of the trip and the sponsor’s or sponsors’ contribution (minimum sponsorship: $390), sponsors will receive some or all of the following:

  • Two or more tickets to the event (minimum $44 value)
  • One or more private 30-Minute Psychic Readings ($130 value, each)
  • One or more paperback titles from my library (up to $20 value, each book)
  • VIP Time – one-on-one time with me to learn about philosophy, spirituality, and other topics of your choosing (invaluable)
  • Promotion and recognition of your sponsorship to my audience (invaluable)
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped a lot of people get access to the readings and info they need today. (PRICELESS!)

For more information and to discuss the possibility of your sponsorship, please email me.