Wouldn’t you love to…

Receive cosmic guidance and answers at the perfect moment?

Hear from your RIPs and/or others’ on a regular basis?

Receive personal messages from Spirit every month?

Engage with me in an intimate group of like-minded friends to be uplifted and enlight-tained?

Know that each month, you will receive Divine Guidance?

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MoJo Medium Presents:

Monthly Spirit Groups

Live Online

As good as John Edward or Sylvia Brown (and much better than James V P.),
and as inspiring as Brene Brown or maaaaybe even Oprah

Wow, I’m excited to hold my psychic, medium, and spiritual group events on Zoom–yay, technology!

In these hour-long (give or take) events, you’ll get psychic answers to your questions, hear Divine wisdom,
get a reading*, and get all enlight-tained!

Whether you are
feeling stuck,
in the midst of a life transition or a “spiritual growth spurt”,
worried about a relationship or career situation,
or simply looking for messages from the Cosmos,
MoJo’s Monthly Spirit Groups
will give you the answers, guidance, and direction you need.

In these gallery-style events,
I give group and individual readings and answer questions for as many people as possible*,
and I always offer practical, doable tips
for improving your life and manifesting
what you want-love-enjoy.

*While no readings can be guaranteed, the Group Effect will ensure that you get what you are intended to receive at that moment.

Here is what you get when you subscribe to MoJo’s Monthly Spirit Groups:

>>>  Admission to every live monthly MoJo’s Monthly Spirit Groups,
held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. Central

(5:00 p.m. Mountain, 4:00 p.m. Pacific, and 7:00 p.m. Eastern) via ZOOM

>>>  If you can’t make it to an event live,
you can message me to let me know you have a question or concern,
and/or that you would like to hear from one of your RIPs –
That way, I will be able to pretend you are there live!

>>>  Divine guidance on a variety of issues, from Spirit through me

>>>  The opportunity to witness and learn from others’ readings – A favorite of regular participants!

>>>  Access to the replay for each session, so you don’t have to miss any of the enlight-tainment.

>>>  15% off private Psychic Readings and MoJo Sessions
(email or message me for a personalized invoice)

Enroll in Spirit Groups Now:

First month is just $9

Then $19 per month: Click Here


$190 per year: Click Here

Annual subscription saves $30 per year and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

All subscription renewals can be cancelled at any time.

One-Time Ticket


You’ll get access to the next upcoming Spirit Group,
always the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

For additional details, see “Housekeeping” below.

Housekeeping: Cancel any time. No fees will be refunded, with the exception of annual subscriptions. For annual subscriptions, you may request a refund of your first month and cancel your subscription. If you cancel an annual subscription after the second or a subsequent month. pro-rata dues will be refunded based on the current monthly rate.

Re: discounts on readings and coaching sessions, “Spirit Groupies” get 15% off of both services.
Email me me to request a personalized invoice.

Subscription rates are subject to change without notice; however, your rate will remain at the rate you joined. Best to join now!

Limits may apply.

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