Welcome to the Starlet Page!

What is a Starlet?

A Starlet is one of my client-friends who is not ready yet for

the full-on Shining Stars program.

Either she is not sure she wants to

Become the Star of Her Own Life yet…


Maybe she feels like

a smaller investment in her Becoming

would fit her wallet–and her schedule–better right now…


It could be that she knows she wants something to change in her life,

but she just wants to put a toe in first…

Whatever YOUR reason for not being ready to

Become the Star of Your Own Life,

you can get started by being a Starlet.

My Starlets are wondrous beings!

They are taking it slow,

starting to figure out


they want their life to unfold.

With my psychically-inspired training and support in


Majic Journaling, and


little-by-little, they grow, bloom, and blossom into

Successful Starlets!

(BTW, the Starlet program is also a fantastic way to maintain after

Becoming the Star of Your Own Life.

Just something to keep in mind.)

Here’s what you’re going to get as a Starlet:

One 30-minute session with me each month.

This will involve one or more of the following:

~ a Full Psychic Reading

~ Meditation Training

~ A Guided Meditation

~ Magic Journal Training

~ Co-Journaling

~ Intuition Training and Support

~ Other Discussions as You Need

~ And all the BONUSES (read on)

And then what happens?

Working with me and on your own,

you will start to notice tremendous shifts in your life.

First, when you learn to meditate effectively,

you’ll shift to more Calm, Clarity, Concentration, and Creation.

Then, as we Dig Deeper for the Deeper Dookie (TM),

you’ll remove those blocks that keep you from getting what you want.

You’ll learn to use your gifts in service to others.

Your personal intuition and ability to hear your Inner Guidance will increase.

Much like the Shining Star program,

you will Become a Starlet,

with your beautiful, sweet Starlet Steps.