Hello! My name is MoJo and I want to be your Personal Intuitive Coach.
I invite you to



Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Back when you were a kid, when magic was still real, when you had time to dream?

Before your life became all about how to

finish school, pay the bills, raise the kids, get promoted, host Christmas or Seder, maintain relationships, stay in shape, eat right, clean house, and maybe find time for the occasional movie?


Did you find your passion and make your dreams come true?

Or did “real life” get in your way?

Guess what – now is the perfect time for you to

become the Star of Your Own Life.

Your life is all about you–that’s right:

despite what your mother may have told you when you were little,

YOUR world actually does revolve around YOU.

Yes, even if you love to help others.

Especially if you love to help others.

You know how you can’t serve others from an empty bucket, right?

Did you also know that—

every talent fulfilled and used in service to others

blesses both the server and the served?

Well… if you are ready to

fulfill your destiny,

help others,

and be happier,

start here.

Be the Star that you were meant to be.

I’ll show you how.

and enjoy a passion-driven, inspired, and enthusiastic life!

I am so excited to be figuring out my destiny! With your help, of course. I was pretty happy with my job, but I didn’t know what might lie beyond it. Wow! My eyes have been opened! I especially love the training in intuition and meditation, and the way you help me answer my own questions and figure out what I am going to BE next. I wouldn’t say “DO”, because I feel like I am evolving. Thank you!

A Shining Star

Your session was epic for me . . . Every moment of contact with you makes me realize how special you are. How dear you are and how deep your gifts go. Thank you for being one of my angels.

A Shining Star

Working with you always makes me think. And feel and be. I feel like I am stepping into my real self for the first time in my life. I’ve always kind of “done what’s right” and I was thinking that that was all there was for me. Now I get it! I’m looking forward to my future. Or, like you say, my futureS, because every path leads to more paths.

A Shining Star

Who is the Shining Star program for?

The Shining Star program is for you if…


…You want to enjoy your “second adulthood” (or your second childhood!)

…You are fed up with your personal status quo


…You’ve developed a nasty habit of putting everyone else ahead of yourself

…You are a solo-preneur—or you suspect that owning your own business is in your future


…You know (or even hope) you have a special calling, but you haven’t figured out what it is

—I call this Waiting-in-the-Wings Syndrome.



…You are ready to become YOU instead of (or in addition to) Mom, Wife, Worker, Housekeeper, Caretaker…


…You really want to help others, but you don’t have a clue how



…You’re starting to suspect there’s more to life than just paying the bills until you die


…You really want to find your passion, your destiny, and/or everything exciting that there is to find in your life!


…You think you are not intuitive, empathic, psychic, or otherwise gifted

(MoJo Pro Tip: Uh… yeah, you are!)



…You think Law of Attraction and meditation might work great — for someone else — but nothing seems to move your life forward


…You don’t want to believe “It’s not about me”

(MoJo Pro Tip: It IS about you!)


…You like me or my videos or my face or my voice or my ideas,

and you’re ready to Become the Star of Your Own Life!

Your session was epic for me . . . Every moment of contact with you makes me realize how special you are. How dear you are and how deep your gifts go. Thank you for being one of my angels.

A Shining Star

Number of Shining Star Spots Available

With the limitations of our physical world,

time limits all of us!

Thus, I have only so much time in my schedule

to work with my precious Shining Stars.

If you would love to Become the Star of Your Own Life,

grab one of these spots!

With me as your

Intuitive Life Coach,

you will

Become the Star of Your Own Life

with all of this:


♥ One 30-minute Coach’s Call each month you are enrolled — this is the concrete, work-on-you stuff, in which I will teach you how to Dig Deeper for the Deeper Dookie (TM), so you can make the changes, stop the blocks, change your STUFF to BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN LIFE. You’ll find your passions and your talents and learn how to use them in service to others. And, as you grow and learn and evolve, you’ll find your happiness. 

♥ One “MoJo Co-Jo” (Co-Journaling) Call each month you are enrolled —
I will walk you through your journaling process, so that your other “journaling seshes” are more effective.

♥ Personal Support – Coach’s Notes (via email) to answer any questions that crop up, up to 10 emails per month–

*Are you needing validation on your latest self-insight? —I’m here!

*Did you get a huge “download” from your angels or have a break-through? —Message Your Coach

*Are you wondering if you’re getting your meditation “right”? —Ask MoJo

*Did you run into someone whose feelings about you you would like to know? —That’s it–ask!

♥ NEW – Extra Scene Work – additional private Coach’s Calls are available at a very special low rate, for my Shining Stars only. (These sessions are the same as Magic Moments with MoJo, $150 for half an hour, $250 for an hour; Stars get 25% off the usual rate.)

♥ A Free Conference Call Line, where all our readings will be recorded for your later listening; you may use this conference line for anything else you wish, as well. We’ll use video conferencing whenever possible, though. Love that face-to-face!

♥ Priority Scheduling – only my Shining Stars get access to my intuition almost any time they need it

♥ Twenty-Five Percent (25%) Discount on Psychic Readings and select products from my gift shop, including those you want to give as gifts

♥ Exclusive access to Star-Only programs and events, because I can’t help myself! I love to add new features for you!

♥♥♥♥♥ BONUSES! – See below for all the bonuses that come with your Shining Star experience!

I have loved working with Susan. She has helped me find focus, uncover my passions (yes, more than one), and become less stressed and less worried! That is huge for me! I also find that I have been more honest with my loved ones, and the results have been astounding. Thank you, Susan!

Melissa Montemayor, Houston

I love working with you. I get a “genuine” vibe from you meaning your spirit feels so genuine. Not to mention your woo-woo capabilities (again, genuine). It just feels like we’ve known each other forever. It’s a rare gift, so thank you!

Pearl M., Australia


A 10-minute Shining Star Psychic Reading each month you are enrolled — this is the juicy psychic woo-woo stuff, where you’ll get guidance from your A&Gs and your RIPs, helping you with problems and questions from the tangible to the ethereal.

Notice: This monthly reading is optional and you can even give it away to a friend!


25% off MoJo’s Amazeballs Psychic Readings,
which will blow you away and enlight-tain you!


25% off Make Magic with MoJo, the manifestation course with the ONLY process that actually works, so you can create what you want, instead of settling for the Same Old Dookie.


Your own subscription to MoJo My Lifethe dive-down-the-rabbit hole coaching group in which I coach you and the community on all your schtuff, we dig deeper on all manner of woo-woo topics, plenty of personal interaction, and lots of bonuses and lagniappes. $44/month value.


All three of my books, personally inscribed by yours truly, for your own library


BOTH of my decks of oracle cards, a $30 value – You may wish to draw a card or two and use your Director’s Notes emails to ask me to interpret them for you… plus you’ll learn about using these cards yourself


Free or reduced-rate access to special programs and materials, some of which will not be available to the general public.

After working with Susan for only a few weeks, I feel like I am more energetic and more productive. I am worrying a lot less, and I used to be a big worry-wort. I’m also finding my direction, which is big, since I was feeling like I didn’t have any purpose or destiny. I’m so glad I found her!

J.L.S., Texas


I promise you to deliver to you my time, expertise, psychic abilities, and heart, but only you can do the work that will bring about the positive changes you want.

How can you and I, working together, guarantee your best results? — COMMIT.

  • Commit to taking advantage of everything I offer you as a Star.

  • Commit to doing the work to Become the Star of Your Own Life.

  • Commit to doing all this so that you will be on your way to living

  • —-a passion-driven, inspired, enthusiastic life!

Know that I am in this with you, holding your hand every step of the way. Together, we will make you the Star of Your Own Life!

I know what you’re thinking – because I’m psychic, remember:


“This sounds amazing! It must cost a fortune! “

And you’re right about one thing–it IS amazing!

BUT FORTUNE-ately, you would be mistaken about that “must cost a fortune” thing.

It is actually quite reasonable.

Of course, Becoming the Star of Your Own Life does require an investment on your part.

First, you’ll want to put your heart and soul into the work we do together,

so that you get the outcome you desire and deserve:

a passion-driven, inspired, and enthusiastic life.

Less stress, less worry, and more fun!

And, second, your financial investment is

only $799 per month,

with a minimum three-month commitment.

WAIT! All the coaches I know charge quite a bit more than this for 1:1 private coaching. Seriously, like in the thousands for one month of coaching!

But I really want to be of service to you, and I am so sure that you will grow from this program that I want to make you a really special offer. Try my Shining Star VIP Program for

one whole month for only $250,

…with no further commitment. That’s only a teensy bit more than I charge for a 30-minute reading! And you’re going to get all of this great coaching and bonuses (except the books and angel cards)!

After our month, we’ll talk about whether we want to continue working together. 

Whaddya say?

I’m holding out my hand–take it and let’s plunge into this adventure together!

You get to choose whether to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually —

Pay for five months up front and get the sixth month free,

or pay for ten months up front and get two additional months free.

(That’s a whole year of my Personal Intuitive Directing for only $7990.) 

Submit your application today and let’s start this conversation,

so you can

Become the Star of Your Own Life

as soon as possible!

Here. Have a complimentary

Shining Star Discovery Session

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complete the 

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I will email you within one business day

to schedule a phone or Skype call,

in which we will discuss your

future Stardom!

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