Private PHONE Groups

big phoneYou may already be familiar with my Suzi-Q & A Teleclasses and LIVE psychic events.  I address a group of curious clients in person or on the phone, give sample readings, answer questions with my psychic awareness, allow all listeners to eavesdrop on the other readings–which just gives everyone more enlightenment–and so on.

And now, I am bringing Suzi-Q & A Private Groups to you via phone conference!

Here is how it works:

  • You email me to say you would like to host a Suzi-Q & A Private Group.
  • I invoice you for a $33 deposit – when your group makes, you get it back, and if it doesn’t, I keep it.  Fair enough?
  • You and I choose a date and time.
  • I assign you a free conference line.
  • You invite your friends and family, maximum 12 guests, minimum 8, including yourself.
  • Payment of $33 per person may be made by each individual or the entire amount by you, or any combination thereof.
  • I will invoice your guests, if you like, and keep track of their payments so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • ***As hostess, your attendance is free.***
  • At the appointed time, we all call in and spend an hour and a half in a private group call.
  • Each person will get a reading from me, and I will also facilitate discussion.
  • Afterward, I will upload the recording of the event to the web, and send the private link to you and your guests.  (You and your guests will also be able to access the recording by phone, for those who have limited internet capabilities.)
  • You will all have unlimited access to the recording and the ability to download it, as well.
  • BONUS – You and each guest will get a discount on a 30-minute private reading with me at a later date. Sweet!

Pretty cool, huh?

Now that you’re ready to have your own private, exclusive psychic phone event,

Email me today to book your Suzi-Q & A Private Group!