Psychic on Call – Put Me on Retainer!

I have one remaining opening for an On-Call Client.  Will that one be you?

How would you like to have your own personal psychic?

With my new Psychic on Call Service, you will have one of the world’s best psychics–that’s me!–at your service almost any time you need me!

With Psychic on Call Service, you get:

A one-hour VIP Psychic Reading each month you are enrolled, a $275 value

Email availability to answer any questions that crop up, up to 12 emails per month, invaluable

No contract required – go month-to-month or get a discount for longer commitments

Readings and Mystic Mails are transferable – you’ll have these enlightening and inspiring gifts available for your friends and family

Try it today:  One month, only $325

Commit to three or more months:  Only $295 per month

Please notice:  Time limits all of us!  I can only support a limited number of On-Call clients, so please get in now, while the gettin’ is good!

Get started right now! 

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