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 Howdy from MoJo!

      Too Much “Not Enough” and Not Enough “Plenty”

I do not like this trend of saying, “I am ‘enough’.”

I call bulls**t.

I don’t want to be/do/have “enough”.

I want PLENTY.

And I want you to be/do/have PLENTY too.

Why settle for “enough”, when you can actually get PLENTY?

Who Is This MoJo You Speak Of?

I’m a woo-woo weirdo who lives in the real world! Yeah, yeah, I SEEM so “normal”. 

My real name is Susan Morrow-Johnson (you can call me Susan or Suzi or MoJo or Mother–just don’t call me late for dinner. Har!)

I love working with Diamond Women who are feeling Too Much “Not Enough” and Not Enough “Plenty”:

  • Not Enough self-esteem,
  • Not Enough money,
  • Not Enough love,
  • Not Enough knowing what to do with their life,
  • Not Enough satisfaction,
  • just like… Not Enough.

Just like I was just a few years ago. And maybe just like you are now!

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In this amazeballs MasterClass,

you will find out

  • how to get over the “enough” B.S.
  • that you are actually PLENTY
  • (No, you are not “too much”! Pshaw!)
  • and what you can do right now to start bringing PLENTY into your experience.

What Else Do You Get When You Enroll In:

“More Than Enough: The Divine Magic of Plenty”?

Well, in addition to all the new WOWs!, AHAs!, and YOWZAs! you’ll get in the class itself, you’re going to get aaaaalll these extras:

  • Immediate access to the replay of our recent MasterClass, “The Top 3 Mighty Mistakes Diamond Women Make That Keep Them Struggling with Dissatisfaction, Uncertainty, & Lack”
  • A whole month’s membership in the Mighty MoJo Club, including:
  • An additional Mighty MasterClass, cuz we do two every month
  • Weekly Angel Card Readings for in-the-moment clarity
  • One R.I.P. Readings Event (“R.I.P.” means your loved one who has passed away)
  • Access to the incredible Inspo Library stuffed with ebooks, articles, videos, etc., all about you and your Divine Value, your Achievement of Groovy, your Intuition, your Meditation, your Destiny, and More
  • Direct access to me and the group via the home page and the internal messenger
  • New friendships with other members, and
  • So much more!

Now, here’s how to enroll:

If you wanted to hire me to teach you everything you are going to get from this class AND all the extras in the Club, it would cost you $697. That’s the going monthly rate of my 1:1 coaching.

And if you went to an Abraham workshop that was only about Law of Attraction, with zero bonuses or extras, zero info about you personally, zero interaction with the trainer or the audience, you’d be out 250 bucks. That’s right.

But this MasterClass, with all the bells and whistles, is only 29 bucks. You can even bring a friend for an additional 10 bucks.

SHHH! SECRET BONUS: Enroll by tonight and I will throw in a 1:1 coaching sesh with me!

And of course, I offer you a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and PLENTY to gain.

“More Than Enough: The Divine Magic of Plenty”

Just $29 for the “More Than Enough” MasterClass, plus all the extras:

Who is attending?

*More details in “Housekeeping” below.

Check out our latest Open House. You’ll love it! Angel card readings that are FOR YOU NOW (and I’ll explain why), a virtual tour of the club, and much more!


*Housekeeping: After you have completed your purchase for $29, you will receive an email from me with further instructions on joining in the MasterClass and the Club. If you make this purchase by the deadline, I will also give you instructions to redeem your Bonus-Bonus.

This Special Secret Offer gives you one month’s access to the Mighty MoJo Club. Find full details about the club here. You will not be charged for subsequent months unless you email me to sign up for the Club, for just $57 a month, beginning as soon as your bonus month is over. (Normally, the first month is $99.) If you choose not to sign up for the club, your membership will be terminated after one month. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you in plenty of time to sign up before your month is up.

Mobile App: You may also choose to download the Mighty Networks app (Get it for Apple here or Google here) for your mobile device. You’ll be able to log in to The Mighty MoJo Club there and be Mighty anywhere on your phone or tablet! No worries if you don’t download it now, there is access to the app inside the Club.

**You may cancel your Membership at any time. Rates are subject to change without notice; however, your rate will remain at the rate you joined. Best to join now! Limits may apply.