Introducing: MoJo Power Hours

Introducing: MoJo Power Hours!

This is a super-cool option for when you need some help, but don’t know where to get it.

Grab a sesh with MoJo–

as an add-on to Shining Star Coaching or
Make Magic with MoJo,
or use it stand-alone,
in place of or in addition to
MoJo’s Psychic Readings

Available in 30-minute and 60-minute sessions,
your MoJo Power Hour can be used for:

♥ MoJo Co-Jo – This is SO. COOL.
You and MoJo get on the phone (or video chat) and write in your journal together.
Using a Q&A format, which MoJo will instruct you in, you’ll choose a prompt. Then, you will write your answer and MoJo will write hers–then you compare answers. And so on until time’s up!
By adding MoJo’s psychic ability to your own intuition, you’ll
get a fantastic result to
get rid of blocks;
help you manifest what you want, love, and enjoy;
integrate anxieties and fears so that they no longer interfere with your life;
and more.

♥ Affirmations – Learn how to create and implement effective affirmations, 1:1 with MoJo, to increase your manifesting power. (Available in 30-minute MoJo Power Half-Hour only.)

♥ Freestyle (Life & Business Coaching) – MoJo knows a lot about a lot of things! Like…
Business/Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Technology/Websites/Social Media

Oh, and all things woo-woo**, of course

If you have questions about a topic, chances are good that MoJo will help you find the answers.

And if not, your request for MoJo Power Time will be politely declined (and any fees refunded, of course), usually with a referral to a person who is better suited to help you. (MoJo also knows lots of people who offer lots of services.)

MoJo Power Hour – $250.



MoJo Power Half-Hour – $150.


*Not a doc.
**Woo-Woo = Spirituality, metaphysics, that sort of thing.