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Are you ever scared that all you’ll ever get to do is just pay the bills until you die?

MoJo Pro Tip: You were definitely meant to do more than just pay the bills until you die!

BUT, you might be saying,…

===> What about my job that I don’t like? That doesn’t pay enough? Where I’ll never get promoted?

===> What about my relationships that are stagnant or absent–or worse?

===> What about MONEY? I want more money. Definitely.

===> What about my health? Or my loved one’s health?



MoJo Pro Tip: You can totally change every single one of those things in your life and so much more.

In Make Magic with MoJo, I will show you exactly how to

Create What You Want, Love, and EnJOY,

instead of settling for the same old dookie!

I get it. I was stuck too. Lots of dookie. Ugh.

For a long time, every morning in my “Spray & Pray” conferences (that’s in the shower, talking with my Angels & Guides), I used to ask for this kind of job:

  • Work I love
  • Close to Home
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Lots of Money

Because I had had that in the past and I missed it.

Why did it go away?
What went wrong?
Was it really outside factors like a shift in the market that I didn’t know how to handle?
Was it because God was angry with me? (No. That’s really not it, I promise.)
Was it something I was doing and I didn’t even know it?

Likewise about having a love in my life.
After my first husband died and I HAD to divorce the second one,
then got dumped by a long-time boyfriend so he could marry someone else…
What went wrong?
Why was I single for so long?

And what could I do about it that I didn’t even know how to do?

Yes, of course, I tried the Law of Attraction.
I studied LoA at great length, learning so much that I became something of an expert myself.
Being a recognized expert in LoA and other woo-woo schtuff made it kind of embarrassing when I didn’t actually manifest what I liked!

And the worst part was. . . . . I was still broke and single and feeling–well, cursed.

Yes, I did what I recommended for my clients:

I practiced positive affirmations.
I meditated.
Sometimes I wrote a little in a journal.
I chased away negative thoughts with positive ones.
I wrote down all the things I was grateful for.

And I got exactly…

The same old dookie I had been getting for a looooong time.

How I Broke the Curse of Being Broke
(and Feeling Cursed)

(Yeah. I AM writing that book.)


I attracted and recognized the right mental, emotional, and spiritual
information that helped me change–
Change my mindset,
Change the way I was thinking,
Change my subconscious thoughts,
Change all that “dookie” into Awesome!
I discovered tools that I didn’t even know were available to me,
and I kneaded them and molded them into my own version that made sense to me
–not some kind of mumbo-jumbo.
I came to understand how manifestation really works.
And that’s how I started creating what I wanted, loved, and enJOYed.

It seemed like MAGIC.

So I named this process–my process–

Make Magic with MoJo.

Now, thanks to my manifestation process,
I get to do meaningful work that thrills me every day,
including this program and my psychic readings, of course,
I am just stupid-happily married to an amazing man,
And we live in a lovely home that we both love.
Plus we are planning a trip that I have been wanting to go on for over 10 years!
Almost every aspect of my life has improved or become what I really want.
And, because, like yours, my desires shift and change,
I keep doing it!

(I finally named the car. Her name is Lulu.)
And just ask me about my most recent manifestations! (They are darn cool!)


And now, I am ready to share this amazeballs process with you.

Meditation +

Affirmations +

Journalization +

Implementation =


M + A + J + I = C

Yeah. That’s M.A.J.I.C.—well, that is, Magic.

Creation, Attraction, Magic, Allowing – these are just other names for Manifestation.
And guess what–you’re already doing it–
you just might not be getting the results you want.
(See references to “dookie” above)

Let me show you how to
create what you really want, love, and enJOY–
From your mo-nay, to your health, to your relationships, to your job…

You really do deserve to be happy.
You really are worthy of Love, Joy, and Abundance.

Even if you don’t believe me about your worthiness (yet),
Don’t you want to try?

When I was only a wee mystic, I developed some of the “Words I Live By”—

“If you’re not at least trying to be happy, you’re not doing it right.”

So let’s do this.

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Your Make Magic Training Units

♥ Introduction to Manifestation:
1. What is manifestation?
2. And Law of Attraction

All About Meditation:
1. The Basics of Meditation
2. Another Method of Meditation
3. The Guided Meditation
4. Pro Tip #1: The Shhh Recalibration
5. Hypno-Magic Meditation
6. Pro Tip #2: When Meditation Gets Weird
7. Pro Tip #3: MoJo’s Micro-Meditation

♥ Affirmations:
1. Intro to Affirmations
2. How to ROCK That Affirmation

♥ Journalization:
1. Journalization, Part 1
2. Journalization, Part 2
3. Journalization Bonus

♥ Implementation & Extras:
1. Time vs. Moments
2. Jump-Start Your Manifestation
3. Vision Boards & Vision Cards
4. Non-Material Manifestation
5. Evidence, Appreciation, & the Gratitude Attitude
6. Bonus: A MoJo Show about Manifestation

And more… 

♥ Create What You Love: Learn to Make Magic with MoJo using these methods and more

Retrain Your Brain: Learn how meditation affects your subconscious.

♥ Get the Four C’s: Effective meditation gives you Calm, Clarity, Concentration, and… CREATION.

♥ Affirm What You Want: Use affirmations effectively so they speak to your stubborn subconscious–and convince it to allow C H A N G E.

♥ Write It Up: Use my journaling method to figure out the secrets your subconscious is withholding from you–so you can change them!

♥ Co-Create: Recognize the unseen powers of the Universe that are right along with you and enlist their help!

♥ Make It Happen: Implement all the pieces together and experience the MAGIC changes you create!

♥ You’ll receive instant access to all Make Magic with MoJo training modules, filled with videos and worksheets and more, oh, my!

♥ You will also become a member of The Mighty MoJo Club,  an online community for you and me and like-minded friends to gather and learn and share and BE and BECOME who and what we were meant to be.

♥ And you’ll get support from me and your peers in our monthly Q&A/coaching sessions.

Q: When does Make Magic with MoJo start?

A: Right away! You’ll receive access to the pre-recorded and written material right away! As soon as you complete your payment, you’ll be welcomed into The Mighty MoJo Club, an online community where Make Magic with MoJo is presented. And you will proceed through the units at your own pace.

Q: Are these lessons live or recorded?

A: Both! You’ll have a mix of live Mighty MasterClasses and pre-recorded instructional videos that you can jump into right away. PLUS, the pre-recorded, bite-sized training videos are organized by topic in the Units section of the page, so you can find the solutions you need as questions arise.

Q: How will I access the recordings?

A: After you purchase the course, you will be welcomed in to The Mighty MoJo Club, and you will simply click on “Courses” and then “Make Magic with MoJo”, where you will be able to access the MoJo Meditation Blueprint, The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate, all the instructional videos, and more! 

Q: After I buy the class, how long will I have to watch the videos?

A: You will have access for six months. Ample time for getting really good at manifesting what you want, love, and enJOY, with the feedback and support provided in the group. If, after your six months, you would like to continue to have access, you are welcome to subscribe to the Mighty MoJo Club (at the going rate), and you will continue in Make Magic with MoJo as long as you remain in the Club.

Q: What if I fall behind? Will it be weird if I jump into a Q&A session without watching all the videos?

A: The best way for you to become a “Mini-MoJo” Manifestor is by jumping in feet first–wherever you are. But you can come to the live sessions (and replays) and ask ANYTHING. Everyone is going to be at their own pace depending on their individual circumstances and when they joined. Asking questions and sharing your own experience serves everyone.

Q: When can I expect to see real change in my life?

A: It really depends on you and your commitment to the process. It is impossible to guarantee that you will make big or small changes instantly or over time through taking this course, or any course. We all start at different levels, we all have different desires, goals, and “issues”. However, if you hem and haw and wait to get started… I can guarantee you that nothing will change for you. BUT, if you dig in and do the work, you will see growth, and when you look back, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Due to the very personal and individual nature of this course, personal outcomes cannot be guaranteed. However, while I know that this program is very powerful for everyone who applies it, if you do the work and really try hard but find that you have zero changes or improvements after three months, a 50% refund may be approved. Such refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How does this price compare to private coaching/training sessions or other online or in-person intensive courses?

A: It’s a steal! Any kind of life coaching with a professional coach ranges from $250 to $800 an hour or more. My own Shining Star VIP service is currently $668 per month. And you know that in-person seminars can run into the thousands. With this course, you are getting open access to tools that really work for you, PLUS several hours of video instruction, the downloadable materials, and two live Mighty MasterClasses each month!!! Private training/coaching is so valuable and “Make Magic with MoJo” is a great way to get individual support and in-person information at a group coaching price!


Your investment for this amazeballs “Magical” program is

Only $997

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