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When you need some kinda help, but don’t know where to get it–
Diamond Time consultations are a groovy resource.

Grab a “sesh” with MoJo–

♥ as an add-on to Divine Diamond Coaching or Make Magic with MoJo,

♥ in place of or in addition to
MoJo’s Psychic Readings,

♥ or–my favorite–stand-alone.

Available in 30-minute and 60-minute sessions,
use your Diamond Time w/ MoJo for:

♥ MoJo Co-Jo – This is SO. COOL.
You and MoJo get on the phone (or video chat)
and–get this–write in your journal together.
Using a Q&A format, which MoJo will instruct you in, you’ll choose a prompt.
Then, you will write your answer and MoJo will write hers–then you compare answers.
And so on until time’s up!
By adding MoJo’s psychic ability to your own intuition, you’ll get a fantastic result to
>>> get rid of blocks;
>>> clear out the cobwebs and figure out what you really want
>>> help you attract what you want, love, and enjoy;
>>> integrate anxieties and fears
so that they no longer interfere with your life;
and more.

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♥ Affirmations – Learn how to create
and implement effective affirmations,
1:1 with MoJo, to increase your manifesting power. (Available in 30-minute Diamond Time seshes only.)

♥ Freestyle (Life Coaching) – MoJo knows a lot about a lot of things! Like…
>>> What You Want to Be When You Grow Up
>>> Life
>>> Spirituality
>>> Love
>>> Health & Spirit*
>>> Relationships*
>>> Careers/Jobs/Work
>>> Following Your Dreams
>>> Finding Your MoJo & Loving Your Life
>>> Entrepreneurship and Marketing
>>> Family
>>> Movies
>>> And Even Clothes!
>>> Oh, and all things woo-woo**, of course

Ready to book your session now? Click here to go straight to purchase.

If you have questions about a topic or you’re working through a dilemma, MoJo will help you find the right answers for you.

BTW, if MoJo feels that she is not the right practitioner for you, your request for a Diamond Time session will be politely declined (and any fees refunded, of course), usually with a referral to a person who is better suited to help you. (MoJo also knows lots of people who offer lots of services.)

That’s right – if I believe I can’t help you, I won’t take your money, honey. 

Speaking of money, honey, here’s the payment part:


Diamond Time 1/2-Hour – $197. Special introductory rate, only $97. (Limited time.)


Diamond Time, 1 Hour – $297.


*Not a doc.
**Woo-Woo = Spirituality, metaphysics, that sort of thing.