How would you like to hear from
the R.I.P.
aka your loved one in Heaven
you are missing the most?

On the third Tuesday of each month,
MoJo presents

R.I.P. Readings

Limited to only 15 people per call,
each person will get a reading with
the R.I.P. of his/her choosing.*

Only $20 per monthly R.I.P. experience,
or get three months in advance for only $50.

===>>> January, 2020’s call will be on Tuesday, the 21st , at 6:00 p.m. Central Time.



How many months would you like?

Housekeeping: Call-in information provided upon purchase. When you are called on during the call, you will provide the first name and relationship of the R.I.P. you would most like to hear from. *No readings can be guaranteed; however, I rarely miss.  Other restrictions may apply. For more information about readings, visit this page.