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If you could re-design your life to suit you to a T,

wouldn’t you?

MoJo Pro Tip: You actually can re-design your life, so that you love it!

And what if you could figure out your destiny and fulfill it?

MoJo Pro Tip: You guessed it–That’s what MoJo My Life is all about.



Try this handy checklist to see if you are a good candidate for

MoJo My Life:

_____ I am SOOOOO ready for a change! I’ve been STUCK forever!

_____ I would love to make some improvements in my life, but I don’t know how.

_____ I am trying/have tried to make my life better, but nothing seems to work.

_____ I feel unhappy, dissatisfied, or like this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing.

_____ I am pretty comfortable with my life, but there are some areas that could be better.

If you can identify with one or more of the above feelings,

you definitely need to…

Find Your MoJo
Love Your Life

Ooooh, I have had my share of Dark Days.

Stuck Situations.

Critical Conditions.


Sound familiar?

Yeah. I know. Even after I had studied

Law of Attraction for years,

my life still wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

And I wondered,

“What am I doing wrong?” 

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And then… one day… I noticed something…

Things were getting better.


I had begun to make more money…

I had fallen in love with a wonderful man,
who is now my husband
(after I had been single for years)… 

So I started asking instead:

“What am I doing RIGHT?”

 I began meditating and writing on my experiences.

And, in my soul-searching, I found my calling–my “MoJo”.

“MoJo” isn’t only a riff on my name, Morrow-Johnson,

it’s also a word for essence, talent, luck–

in short, your MoJo is what makes you you.

And you know what?

When you Find Your MoJo, you can Love Your Life.

And with my help, you’ll actually be able to do it. 


Will it be easy?

You know that nothing worth having is easy all the time,

but you’ll find it a lot easier with MoJo My Life.

You’ll have fun learning with me and our group 

–and you will love your progress. 

You will Find Your MoJo. 

And one day soon, you’ll Love Your Life. 


A handful of brilliant clients and I have (and continue to) tried and tested 

and made successes of the tools, tips, and tricks 

that I have developed for “MoJo-ing”–

figuring out what your gifts and talents are

and how you can do what you love,

help others, grow, learn, love,

and be happy. 


When you join the MoJo My Life Coaching Groupyou will receive training in and insight into

*The Law of Attraction*





*”All That Is”*

and *Much More*

You will find out everything that I already know and which I continue to learn about the workings of the Universe.

Add in a touch of armchair psychology (not a doc) and sociology,

Not to mention my considerable psychic abilities and intuition, 

Plus Gobs of LOVE and SUPPORT… 

And you’ve got…

MoJo My Life.


♥ To be a beloved member of the loving, supportive MoJo family

To learn all of MoJo’s magical methods

♥ To do the inner work–with MoJo’s guidance–that will actually make your life better

♥ To participate in (or merely observe, if you choose)
guided meditations,
hot-spot coaching,
monthly group coaching,
special mini-trainings,
MoJo Co-Jo (Co-Journaling),
psychic salons,
and more

♥ To experience positive changes in your life from the moment you join MoJo My Life

♥ Our MoJo My Life group meets on video conference twice a month for Group Coaching, Q&A, and special events like guided meditation and co-journaling.
Recordings will be available if you can’t make it live or if you want to review any session.

♥ You will also belong to our Facebook group, which is our “family room”–where we hang out, share ideas and stories, and support one another.

My all-new ebook, Creating Your Own Big Bang: 18 Manifestation Tips, Tools, & Tricks to Help You Create What You Want (Instead of Settling for the Same Old Dookie)

The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate,
another ebook by Yours Psychically

♥ MoJo’s Meditation Blueprint, a downloadable pdf

25% off Make Magic with MoJo ,
the Manifestation Course to end all manifestation courses!

♥ 25% Off Magic Moments with MoJo,
which you can use for personal 1:1 help from MoJo
with Meditation, Affirmations and/or Journaling–
OR Freestyle Coaching

♥ 25% Off MoJo’s Amazeballs Psychic Readings

♥ Access to Exclusive Programs, for MoJo My Life Members only

Housekeeping: To purchase any service with your applicable discount, simply request a private invoice from me.


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Q: When does MoJo My Life start?

A: As soon as you enroll! You’ll receive instant access to the Facebook group and the pdf’s. Then join in the next MoJo My Life conference for more!

Q: Are the MoJo My Life sessions live or recorded?

A: Both! You’ll have the chance to join in the live group coaching sessions and also to review the recordings of them.

Q: Once I’m in the group, how long will I be a member?

A: MoJo My Life is a monthly subscription. You will remain a member as long as you choose. If you resign, no prior monthly fees will be refunded. If you leave and choose to return, you will be subject to whatever the going rate is at the time of your return.

Q: When can I expect to see real change in my life?

A: It really depends on you and your commitment to yourself. It is impossible to guarantee that you will make big or small changes instantly or over time with this or any coaching. We all start at different levels, we all have different desires, goals, and “issues”. And part of MoJo My Life is figuring out your issues, “Digging Deeper for the Deeper Dookie”, and accepting your own divinity and worthiness… However, if you hem and haw and wait to get started… I can guarantee you that nothing will change for you. BUT, if you dig in and do the work, you will see growth, and when you look back, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Since MoJo My Life is paid monthly as a subscription, and you can resign at any time, no refunds will be provided for previous months. 

Q: How does this price compare to private coaching sessions?

A: It’s a steal! Any kind of life coaching with a professional coach ranges from $250 to $800 an hour or more. My own Shining Star VIP service is currently $555 per month, and is about to go up. With MoJo My Life, you are getting open access to ME and all of my tried-and-true tools, life hacks, intuitive knowledge, and methods that will really work for you. MoJo My Life is a great way to get group coaching at a really low price!

Q: What if I would prefer to work with MoJo one-on-one?

A: No problem! Check out my Shining Star individual coaching program.

Q: What if I have a question that I don’t see answered here?

A: Feel free to email me here. I will respond personally as soon as I can. 

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to continue MoJo-ing Your Life.

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