Here is an angel card to guide your day. I am using my favorite deck (besides my own, of course), Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.” Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Blessed Change – A major life change brings you great blessings.

And my reading for you – This time, as I shuffled the cards, I asked, “What does she need now to get out of confusion and into clarity?”

You might think that the “major life change” in the cards is a passive change. For example, something HAPPENS to make you get out of confusion and into clarity. But no.

This “major life change” is one that YOU make yourself. I want you to take that leap of faith. You don’t need to be afraid, because this change you have been contemplating will make things clearer for you, will clear away the chaos, and will get you into a better space. Whether it’s a change of job, moving house, or leaving a relationship… whatever that is, you’re going to change it and it will be GOOD.

When you notice the power or effect of this card in your life, please comment below with your experience.

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