Here is an angel card to guide your day. I am using my favorite deck (besides my own, of course), Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.” Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Empowerment – You’re more powerful than you realize. It’s safe for you to be powerful.

And my reading for you – You know what’s funny? As I shuffled the deck, I asked our angels and guides to give me a card for anyone who is hurting today, who may need some hope in her life. And here’s what you got.

This card is great news! Know that you actually do have the strength to overcome this situation and these feelings. You will survive, you will get through it.

And don’t be afraid to reach out.



When you notice the power or effect of this card in your life, please comment below with your experience.

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