Here is an angel card to guide your day. I am using my favorite deck (besides my own, of course), Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.” Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Ooh! Two cards jumped out today! Lucky you!

Synchronicity – Your prayers and questions are being answered by synchronistic events. Notice them in order to increase their flow.

Treasure Chest – An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comse to you now!

And my reading for you – I am taking these two cards together, because they are telling you a little story. When you notice the “coincidences” in your life and you start asking “what’s the message here?”, you will discover that “unforeseen windfall”.

I often caution clients about the concept of “abundance” – it can mean money, but it can also mean an abundance of other good things. This time, however, it feels like money to me.

So pay attention to those repeated little things catching your attention. Remember there are no acccidents or coincidences, so you really can look for what the message is that’s coming from Spirit.

And then look forward to a windfall later this week!

When you notice the power or effect of this card in your life, please comment below with your experience.

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