You may have read my FAQs and/or my “What to Expect”. And no doubt you have read this somewhere on my site:

In your reading with me, you will experience:

  • Communication with your late loved ones (“RIPs”)
  • Predictions of what is to come in the Big Four – Work, Health, Love, and Money
  • Validation (or contradiction) of what you already know (or think you know)
  • Information to help you in all your relationships–with family, friends, and bosses, as well as love interests
  • Insight into what you WILL do, not what you SHOULD do (although, honestly, sometimes I tell you what you SHOULD do anyway, either because I can’t help it or because it will lead you to what you WILL do)
  • Angel cards thrown and interpreted by Yours Truly to confirm what we have talked about

And here’s what you will NOT experience in a reading with me:

  • Bullshit
  • Religion or info about God or angels that is not useful to you
  • Vague answers, such as “Archangel Michael is with you in this situation”
  • Guilt or shame from your late loved ones–or me
  • Exposure of some deep, dark secret–or even shallow ones–that you don’t want to discuss
  • Threats of curses and demands for more money
  • Scary stuff

Now let me walk you through an actual reading, just like we were working together one-on-one.

I start by asking your date of birth, because I know about “—–” this much about astrology, and that is sometimes useful as I work with you. I also like to know how old you are, so that I have some idea of your frame of reference in this life. For example, were you an original “women’s libber” back in the ’60’s and ’70’s? Or were you one of my corporate contemporaries in the ’80’s and ’90’s? Did you grow up with the Beatles or the Spice Girls? Were you a victim of the real estate and savings and loan crashes of the ’80’s or a beneficiary of the tech boom in the ’90’s? These things inform your life and personality, so they’re helpful for me to know.

Next, I describe what we are going to do, and then we do it. We start with Your Color Snapshot. This is something that is unique to me as a psychic medium. I started out, way back in 2005, reading my clients’ chakras. I had done quite a bit of study about chakras and I based my original practice on my ability to visualize them and receive information based on that visualization. I also wrote my meditation guide with an emphasis on chakras. Each chakra is associated with a color, and I did a lot of work on the Colors of Energy (I have a blog category just on that.)

As I read for more people, the colors became deeply ingrained in my intuition. By looking psychically at your energy, I see colors–usually in geometric shapes, around your body. When I apply my medical intuition to your physical body, I also see colors in different areas.

I always take notes during a reading. It’s hard for me not to, actually. When I work with a group, I love to have a white board or a notepad on an easel to draw what I am seeing psychically and to make notes. I scan in these notes after a reading and send them to you. Years ago, I found out that we all learn better in color, and I started taking my notes for readings with colored pens. I would ask the client’s A&G’s (Angels & Guides) what color to write in. Eventually, my pens ran out of ink, but I kept asking for that color–and that became the Color Snapshot.

In my pre-reading meditation for your reading, when I call in your A&G’s and mine, and request “everyone who has our best interests at heart” to join us, I also ask what the color is for for you on that day. This color is associated with specific parts of your life, just like the chakras, and there is usually a directive that comes with it from your A&G’s.

After the Color Snapshot, we talk to your RIPs. These are your loved ones who have passed away. If I have not seen or noticed one or more RIPs in my pre-reading meditation, I ask you if there is anyone you want to talk to (first name and relationship to you), I call them up on the Heaven Phone, and we go from there. I typically will confirm we have the right person by identifying personality, physical appearance, and/or events that pertain to you. Then they might give you a specific message and/or you can ask them questions and I convey their answers.

Please know that there is no requirement to participate in this part of the reading. If you are not interested for any reason, we just skip it. Some readings are spent almost entirely with the RIP section, and that’s fine too. I customize each reading to your specific needs at the time.

Next, we answer your questions. Whatever is going on in your life, that’s what we talk about. People typically ask about their job, their marriage, their money, and/or their health, but nothing is really off limits. If you don’t have any questions or anything going on, I simply look at your energy and tell you what is going on. For example, I recently saw a yellow rectangle coming in to my client’s jaw on each side of her head. That probably means nothing to you at face value. But from looking at that, I could tell her that she was about to expand her intellect, either with school/classes or other study, and she would be impressing upon someone else (or more than one person), as well as herself, about her intellect and worthiness–such as to be promoted at work or to support her husband.

This is how I communicate with and receive information from your A&G’s and mine. I tell you WHAT is coming and, if I can, WHEN, and I advise you on how to make things happen more smoothly or how to avoid something you don’t want. Yes, I DO predict the future, because that is what I DO!

I am also really good at looking at the people in your life and telling you what you don’t know about them. In this way, I facilitate your communication and ability to improve those relationships. Can I tell you if your husband is cheating? Yes. Can I tell you if you are going to stay married whether he’s cheating or not? Yes. Can I tell you what to do about it? Yes. Can I tell you if you are going to win the lottery…? Sure—if you actually are!

Finally, I throw a few angel or oracle cards to confirm what we have talked about and to make sure we haven’t missed anything important. This is a meaningful part of the reading, because it helps you to know that I am really conveying the messages that Spirit or your A&G’s are trying to get to you.

You’ll find testimonials all over this website. But generally, here’s how you’ll feel after a reading with me:

  • that you’ve received validation of (or contradiction of) what you already thought was best for you
  • relieved regarding your RIP/s
  • joyful and possibly healed from connecting with your RIP/s
  • armed with new information about your living loved ones (and maybe one or two you don’t love)
  • relieved from worry about “stuff” that’s going on
  • reassured about good things coming up
  • surprised or even skeptical over predictions–save my notes for when those come true!
  • awed regarding what you learn about Heaven and your RIP/s
  • lighter in your heart and in your energy, cleaner and clearer
  • like your fears have been alleviated

When we are done, I scan in my notes and email them to you for your use and future reference. I do not usually look back at notes from previous readings I have had with you, and the information tends to flow through me, so I don’t always remember. I purposely do not review before your next reading so that I am reading for you here and now. I do have people say, “Last time you said such-and-such. Do you see that having changed?” The answer to that is almost always “No”, but you are welcome to ask any questions you may have from previous readings.

In short, a reading with me is meaningful, inspiring, reassuring, helpful, informative, entertaining, and often very emotional. I can’t wait to work with you!