My annual vision board construction. I did this one in picmonkey.

I do this every year. (Here is last year’s theme post–it’s good! And I tell you how to find your own theme.)

Not one who is much for New Year’s Resolutions, I do like to set up a “theme” or a phrase to guide me for my year. I usually start asking my A&G’s* some time in November to give me some ideas–or just to go ahead and lay it out for me! This year, they guided me to write a list of potential themes. With their input, I came up with:

  • Resolution
  • Forgiveness
  • Cozy
  • Sweet
  • Kindness
  • Help the Hurt
  • Personal Growth
  • Joy
  • Ease/Easy

A pretty diverse list, I think. But this was just a tease. A few weeks later, I asked again, and was given, very clearly, “Inspiration”. Inspire others and be inspired. Find inspiration in the everyday event and encounter.

Well, needless to say, I was inspired! As ever, I don’t know for sure where this theme will lead me in 2017. But it is top-of-mind every day.

Oh, and no doubt you would like to know what happened to my theme last year. 2016’s theme was “Expansion”. I actually FORGOT about it until June, when it was brought back into my awareness by someone on Facebook. And I realized that I had experienced expansion in several ways by then, and recognized further expansions down the line. For example, my husband and I, who was then my fiance, moved into a larger apartment in April. Turns out 150 extra square feet makes quite a difference–especially when most of it is in closets, bathrooms, and the kitchen! We love the new place!

And speaking of my husband, I expanded my relationship last year by marrying him! Later in the year, we expanded our household by 50% when my daughter moved in with us for a few months.

And finally, I know that my awareness has expanded tremendously. I learned a lot about my work and about American people and our politics. Armed with new awareness, I feel ready to inspire and be inspired in 2017!

*A&G’s = Angels & Guides

P.S. To learn about creating your own Vision Cards, click here.