No doubt you’ve heard this about abusers: Hurt people hurt people. It means that abusers aren’t born, they’re made. No one just wants to hurt others when his heart is full of love and joy. It takes someone who is damaged to become an abuser.

As a psychic, I have made a habit of looking at pictures of people to see who they really are. It’s always there in the eyes. I can see love, joy, fear, sorrow, and all of the human emotions in the eyes. And not only in the eyes, but around them. You may have this ability yourself. You may also be good at reading body language.

I’m sometimes surprised when I look closely at a celebrity, someone whose picture I’ve seen a hundred times. I look at the eyes and the “eye zone” and I might see something surprising, like fear or sorrow or shame.

Many years ago, before I even became a professional, I saw a newspaper article about a man who was arrested for murder. I took one look at his picture and said, “They’ve got the wrong guy.” It took awhile, about two years as I recall, but the man was exonerated.

Today, I saw a headline “Suspected Serial Rapist in Custody.” My first thought was, well, that’s good, get the guy off the streets where he can’t hurt anyone else. And then I looked at the man’s face in the picture. And what I saw surprised me. It was sadness. Deep, pained sadness. Then I saw anger on top of that, but the depth of his sorrow was palpable to me. And that’s when I remembered that expression, “Hurt people hurt people.” I don’t know what his background is or why he is so sad, but I know it is from long ago, when he was very small.