cards-know-feel-be-logo-smcards-good-news-collage-smHere is an angel card to guide your day. I am using both of my personal decks, Susan K. Morrow’s “Know * Feel * Be” Mystic’s Oracle Cards and Good News Only Fortune-Telling Cards. Both decks are available for purchase here. Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Good News Only: EXCITEMENT

And my reading for you: Keeping in mind that this deck is ONLY about Good News, the excitement that is coming your way is a happy excitement. I feel like it’s very soon, today or tomorrow, and most likely has to do with travel or vacation. And it’s likely to be a surprise, although it could also be that you’re getting excited about something you are planning yourself. Enjoy!

Know * Feel * Be: We got two cards this time! What is with this prolific deck?

And my reading for you: First, we have TREAT YOURSELF. Easier said than done, I know. But I am giving you permission. Are you shopping for a gift for someone else? Get something for yourself too. Have you been stuck in the house? Get out and go to a movie or enjoy the weather (if it’s nice). You don’t have to spend a lot–you don’t even have to spend anything. Just treat yourself today. Today.

Next, there is REMEMBER. Remember what you were doing this time last year. Analyze what went well and what didn’t. And then act accordingly. If you can’t remember this time last year, then take your biggest worry right now (relationship) and think about how you handled this problem the last time you had it. Analyze and act.

When you notice the power or effect of these cards in your life, please comment below with your experience.

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