problem-tinyLet’s just say I’m in a growth spurt. Nah, not getting taller and I HOPE I’m not gaining weight! But my spirit is growing and it can be just as painful as a child’s physical growing pains. But you come out older and wiser on the other side! Right? You do, don’t you?

Here’s part of it. I ran across this old channeled message the other day, one that I had channeled from Universal Angels and Guides, or maybe just my own. Or yours. Valid no matter what. “Your problem is not what you’ve done, but what you are failing to do now because of it.”


How is what I’ve done in the past–perhaps something I am now feeling regret about?–affecting my ability to do something that I really want to do now?

In a very material, real-world sense, an example is: if you didn’t finish college, is that keeping you from going for the job you want now? In a psychological sense, is breaking up with someone in your past affecting your ability to give your all to relationships in the present? And in a more spiritual sense, if you haven’t lived your best life in the past, are you now stuck with it?

This applies so very much to a situation I am dealing with right now, and it opens up so many other windows on Areas Where I Need to Grow. Ugh.

I say ugh, although I certainly do appreciate the messages (or “lessons,” if you prefer–I do not prefer) when they come through and sink into my heart and soul. Thus, today, I am thinking about moving forward in spite of past actions, because I know that I have allowed those past actions to hold me back. And I don’t want to be held back anymore. Especially not by my own dumb thoughts.

How about you?

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