beachy keen hearts richFrom time to time, I have a little convo with my (or someone else’s) angels or with a deceased person, and then I might feel inclined to share the information I have received with the person or persons who might benefit from said information.

However, I am not always confident that sharing is the right thing to do. And I do tend to err on the side of… whatever is the opposite of caution.

Not long ago, Jane passed away. I didn’t really know Jane all that well, but she was a fixture in my life, the same way that many people from my hometown are. When we were kids, we went to the same church. My sister and Jane were the same age. Jane’s parents were friends with my parents. Naturally, we had mutual friends and–well, we just knew each other. We were lifelong friends, even if we didn’t call and visit each other. And she was a really neat lady. Her untimely death was very sad.

As Jane lay dying of cancer, she was enrolled in hospice care and remained at home with her family. I was talking to my dad about Jane’s situation one day, and I was thinking about her. That evening, I “tuned in” to Jane and asked how she was doing. I imagined she was in a coma or possibly heavily medicated, but the first thing she showed me was herself in heaven, “blissfully happy”, she said, and surrounded by beauty and nature. I have on occasion seen people who are near death, in a coma, or very old, who seem to “visit” the Other Side ahead of their actual passing. It is similar to what you have probably heard of: a dying person being “visited” by loved ones who have already passed. Thus, I didn’t find her appearance in heaven to be exceptional.

Since I believed her to still be with us, I asked if there was anything she needed or that I could help with. She showed me a small object under her bed, it looked like a white cup, and she indicated she would like for it to be returned to its owner. I imagined calling her husband, whom I have met perhaps once, and telling him this. Even if he believed me, I imagined him saying, “It’s a rented hospital bed. There’s nothing under it.” Then I would say, “But Jane insists–maybe it belongs to the previous occupant of the bed–I don’t know, but she insists.”

The next day, I saw on Facebook that Jane had died the preceding morning, the morning before I communicated with her in the evening. “So she really was already in heaven,” I realized. (This gives you an idea of how mediumship can be confusing without someone to bounce it off of.) I sent a private message to Jane’s best friend, Karyn, telling her what I just told you above. Facebook shows when a private message has been seen, and Karyn saw it, but she didn’t respond.

I started to think that I might have overstepped my bounds. Maybe I was out of line to just throw that information at Karyn, whom I knew about as well as I had known Jane; that is, not very well. I knew Karyn had grown up Catholic–maybe what I said about being able to communicate with Jane was offensive to her, maybe she thought mediumship was heretical or diabolical! I really hoped I had not offended her. The work I do is always meant to comfort, enlighten, and heal, never to hurt. (And yes, there is the entertainment factor, but that’s another umpteen stories.)

Fast forward a few days to Jane’s funeral. Karyn gave a beautiful eulogy about her best friend of 40 years. The entire audience were moved to laughter and tears by the tender, amusing, and heart-rending stories Karyn shared. At the very end, Karyn said, “And finally, I have it from a very reliable source that Jane is now ‘blissfully happy’.”

I am misty even now, writing this story. I knew because of that that I had done the right thing, to share the information that would heal and help. Thank you, Jane, for talking to me and for guiding me to bring friends together.

Do you think I went too far? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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