cow purseWay back in 2010, I had a little sales job that sent me around the region, calling on potential clients. One of them was a little boutique that carried cheap and cute accessories.

(Speaking of, have you ever read my “Shop Cheap, Look Cute” blog? It’s my fluff blog that’s just for fun. Check it out!)

One day, when I was calling on the shop, and the owner was out, I picked up a cute “cow purse”. It looked sort of like this one, but had purple trim and was more cow than giraffe. I thought it was cute and trendy; my daughters immediately condemned it as “hideous”. Shrug.

Another day, I tried calling on that shop owner again. Then I stopped across the street to pick something up at Hobby Lobby. Outside, a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army smiled at me and wished me a Merry Christmas. She said, “Oh, I love your purse! That is so cute!”

“Thank you!” I sang out in reply. “I got it across the street! And it was cheap! You should get yourself one!” But I recognized pretty quickly that this lady did not have the funds to “get herself one”.

When I came out of the store, she was still smiling and ringing her bell, wishing me a happy time and admiring my purse again.

Suddenly, I got a wild hare–I didn’t have much to spare, but I could cough up a few dollars for another cow purse for this nice lady. I hurried back across the street to the boutique. No more cow purses. Darn. But I did find another one that I liked, so I bought it.

I went out to my car and transferred all my stuff from the “ugly” cow purse into the new one. I had not had it very long and it was showing no wear. I took a five-dollar bill out of my wallet and tucked it into the inside pocket of the cow purse.

Then I drove back to Hobby Lobby and jumped out of my car with the purse. I presented it to the Salvation Army lady and hollered, “Merry Christmas!”

You would have thought I gave her a new car. Her eyes misted up, she hugged the purse, whispered, “Praise God!”, and then turned to me: “Thank you, oh, thank you!”

I smiled so broadly, the lady could see all my fillings! I jumped back in my car and drove away feeling absolutely filled with love and joy. I thought, “If I ever have money, I’m going to give gifts to people all the time. This is the best feeling ever!”

This morning, in the shower, in my usual conference with my angels and guides, I was thanking them for bringing a new client to me. She had sent me an email immediately after our reading, thanking me for connecting her with her late father. She was clearly quite touched.

And I suddenly recognized the feeling that gave me: overwhelming love and joy. I had done it. Not with money and material gifts, but with my spiritual gifts. I had given someone something immeasurably special, and I had felt the joy that she felt.

This is what it’s all about.

You might not be psychic, but you have gifts. I have long said that my daily goal is to use my gifts in service to others. That goal really rang true for me today. Start asking (your angels/guides, God, Universe, Higher Self) how you can use your gifts in service to others. And guess what–you get to feel the joy too.