A reader recently wrote to me for help:

“Hello, My name is Christina, and my daughter has had multiple experiences seeing and experiencing the other side. She is so horrified. However, I have explained to her how she will eventually be able to use it for helping others. So now she is grateful for the ability but still terrified. I don’t know where to turn for help for her. You are the very first person I have ever asked. Please give us any guidance you can or direction on where to turn for help.”

And I responded:

Hi, Christina–

I’m sorry your daughter is so frightened by this special gift. I was not frightened as a child, because my mother assured me that I was a creative person with a wonderful imagination—that was the truth as far as she knew it, and it satisfied me. I was sometimes afraid when I had spontaneous out-of-body experiences, but I learned to control them so that they weren’t frightening anymore.

I also knew instinctively as a child that talking to something scary in love would make it go away. This usually took place in nightmares, when I would dream about a demon or the devil threatening me, and I would say, “Jesus loves you! I love you!” and it would go away.

As an adult and after studying my gift and others’ for many years now, I have discovered a few things along those lines.

First, know that there is nothing in the non-physical that can hurt you in the physical. No earth-bound spirit (ghost) or spirit on The Other Side can harm you. I remember being more afraid of the scary faces I sometimes saw, like my “imagination” couldn’t control them. (If it happens now, as it rarely does, I tell the scary face, “Oh, come on, I know better than that! Show me your happy face!”)

Second, anything she senses that frightens her is a manifestation of her own fear. So fear builds on itself and breeds more fear.

Third, teach your daughter to “speak to it in love.” Once she knows logically that the spirits cannot hurt her and that they are not trying to scare her, she can say things like, “God loves you, I love you, there is only love here” and the scary thing will transform or go away.

In my experience as a medium, the spirits on The Other Side are typically very happy and peaceful, but they will sometimes present things that happened in their life that could be scary to a child. What if a spirit shows me how she looked as she was dying from cancer? I know what that is, but a child might be frightened. So all she needs to do is remind the spirit that there is only love and only love is welcome, then she can say, “Will you please show me your real self?” And “Is there something I can do to help you?” If she doesn’t want to do anything, she can say, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you right now. Maybe later.”

I hope these thoughts will help. And I hope she will come to embrace this special gift from God and use it in service to others someday.

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