Mermaids and DolphinsHere is an angel card to guide your day. I am using my favorite deck, Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins.” Whenever you may read this, the message is for you now.

Self-Employment – You’re a born entrepreneur, and your business is surrounded by magical opportunities.

And my reading for you – This is it, baby! Just as you were considering closing up shop, selling the house, and buying a ticket to the West Coast (Billy Joel), here comes the encouragement to plant your feet firmly on the ground and make. it. happen. 

2016 is your year! Now. If you don’t have a business of your own, if you are not even considering starting your own… what? No, you will actually start something this year, and the sooner, the better. And it will go nicely. This may very well be a small thing, something to add interest and income to your current job-job. Or it may mean you actually chuck the job and go whole hog. Whichever you choose, you’re going to do well with it.

Oh, you are already self-employed? And you’ve been looking at last year’s numbers and maybe the previous years’ numbers and…. ugh. Fear not. This card is telling you to keep moving forward with what you’ve got and stop entertaining those notions of getting a job-job.

I’ll tell you a little secret. I have been thinking I would get a part-time job, just to bring in a little extra, make things a little more comfortable. And here we go. First work day of the New Year, and OUR angels are telling US–keep up the self-employment. It’s what you’re here for, what you are meant for. Keep it up.

Crazy, huh?