Vision Board January 2016Do you “do” New Year’s Resolutions, goal-setting, intention-creating, or any other kind of inspired planning?

I’m not that big on them, actually. And I have recently read that some people refuse to do them because it creates unnecessary pressure and disappointment. Maybe that’s you too.

But I DO like to come up with a theme or main idea for each New Year. For example, for 2014, I chose “enthusiasm”.

And WOW.

Whether I created it or predicted it (does it matter?), ENTHUSIASM showed up for me hugely in 2014! From feeling it myself, to having events occur that made me feel it, to meeting a very enthusiastic man who was just waiting to become my True Love, enthusiasm was everywhere I looked.

This was the first time my theme was really obviously successful for me. I think I chose “change” for 2013, because I was pretty dang sick of the s**t-storms that preceded it. And things did change considerably–I got a new job and rode a roller coaster emotionally and financially. So that was fun.

My theme for 2015 was “Help Others”. I honestly can’t say whether I did a lot or “enough” (what’s “enough”?) helping last year, but keeping the theme in mind every day helped me to remember to make helping others a priority.

This year, I once again asked my angels, during my usual shower prayer time (also known as “spray and pray”), what theme would be good for me in 2016. And this is what we came up with together:


What will this mean for me in 2016? Well, that remains to be seen, but I hope it will mean expansion of my work (to help more others!), expansion of my physical home (we hope to move to the ‘burbs from a condo in the city), expansion of my already-deep love for my sweetheart, and more. I hope it does NOT mean expansion of my waistline, as that already occurred in 2015, thankyouverymuch.

As with every year’s theme, I will keep the idea of “expansion” in mind as I go through each day. And I will notice when the theme shows up in real and concrete ways. I know that’s all I have to do. The angels have spoken.

If you want to do something like this, and choose a theme, try asking your angels to give you the right idea. Yes, you may certainly make a vision board (or vision card) as shown above, a list of potential words and phrases, and/or a fist to determine your theme. But I find that simple is usually best. So here is your script:

“Hello, angels/guides/helpers/God/Universe/sub-conscious. I want a theme for 2016. What do you got?”

And then shut up and listen.

Much love, peace, and HELP to you in the coming year and beyond! Love and kisses, Susan K.