Spooky StuffA recent Free Readings on Facebook event yielded these:

Free Psychic Readings by Susan – Hello, Kirstie! Ooh, let’s get up-close on March! The 15th looks like a windy day (no, I’m serious about that–don’t know what it has to do with anything) and you accomplish what you’re trying to do in spite of the wind. (Really, I will be interested to know what that means!) The 22nd-25th or so will be full of passion and excitement. There seems to be good news that comes to you and you are celebrating like crazy. With your husband, I want to add. Overall, a good month, everyone is healthy, business as usual. Love & Kisses, Susan K.

Later, Kirstie responded thusly: Hi Susan, That’s why I love your readings, they are so specific!  You mentioned in the last FRF that you would be interested to know the significance of the reading.  It was amazingly accurate, as usual.  The 15th of March was literally a windy day.  The wind was howling when I woke up and continued all day!  So much so, that I stayed inside and researched holiday destinations and ultimately made a decision, so I definitely accomplished what I’d be trying to do for weeks.  As for the 22nd-25th, I received a bonus at work on the 23rd that was nearly double what I was expecting and I celebrated that night with my other half.  🙂

Free Psychic Readings by Susan – Hi, Shanae–Thank you so much! I am excited to be a grandma! I see a baby in your profile picture–I just double-checked that to see if that was what was putting a picture of a baby in my head for you. Are you possible expecting again? The baby I’m seeing has dark curly hair and a lot of it, unlike the baby in your picture. If you are not expecting, this could be a sibling coming along, a niece/nephew, etc. But the child is very important to you, one way or another. Also, I’m seeing you eating a lot of candy and sweets–time to cut back and switch to fruits and veggies! I know, what a mom thing to say, right? But it’s important for you to make this dietary change now rather than later. Love & Kisses, Susan K

Shanae – Hi , yes that’s me and my son when he was little (he is now 18months old) and yes i am expecting a little girl in May! About 6 weeks away from meeting her actually  thank you for your reading! I’ve been secretly dying thinking of what my second bub will look like  my son now has curly hair also so we look forward to meeting his little sister  xx

Elizabeth – Who is it (spirit) that has been with me for the last week or so?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan – Hi, Elizabeth! Oh! What a question! Is this your papa? I know you are not thinking so, like it’s a stranger, or maybe a loved one of a friend or client, but feel around and see if it could be him instead. It seems like he is nudging you to do more of your angel readings and also more of your children’s activities. Are you doing some after-school care or some kind of special workshops for kids? Because that’s what I am getting. Maybe you have been considering it, doing some summer camps or something, and this is your “go ahead”. I hope this helps! Love & Kisses, Susan K.

Elizabeth –  Thank you!!! Right on the money!!

Donna – Oh your timing is wonderful & congrats on your grandson! I started a small side business, it’s doing pretty good like you said but I’m wanting to add a new machine which is quite expensive, what if your feeling on the investment ?

Free Psychic Readings by Susan Hi, Donna–Thank you! He has stolen my heart! I have to qualify this reading by saying that I am in no way a financial or business advisor! My feeling is that you will put off the new machine and then you will find a “used ” (refurbished?) for less than you originally would have paid, thus fulfilling everything. But this major purchase is back-burnered for now. Congrats on the small side business which is doing pretty good! Please let me know how it’s going!–Love & Kisses, Susan K

Donna Schlebach Guill Thank You again and yes I was thinking refurbished–lol–a little on down the road ! So so good!