question markThus spake one of my former Starbucks co-workers to another a few years back. Yes, they were talking about me. I worked at the famous coffee shop for almost two years, during one of the lower times in my business and in my life. I was still working as a psychic, as well, and struggling to make ends meet.

Why wasn’t I rich?

I have to admit–it’s a fair question. And one I asked occasionally–of myself, of my angels, of anyone who would listen!

I know that I have an amazing gift. I’ve seen and heard and felt the changes for the better in my clients, on the phone, in groups, via email. Strangers who walk away changed from their encounter with me. I have no doubt that I was given a gift to be shared with a Capital “S”.

At the very least, I would expect to be able to make a living, even a meager one, by offering to help people, to change their lives, with this beautiful gift. Alas, financial independence eludes me still.

Why? Well, there may be a number of reasons, some of which could apply to anyone who has not made a lot of money:

  • I’m not supposed to be rich. (Yet!)
  • I haven’t reached my best audience yet, i.e., those who need me most.
  • I am not “ripe” for my destiny.
  • Just plain old lack of publicity.

As of this writing, I am being helped and supported in myriad ways, so that I have the freedom of opportunity to reach and help as many people as I can. This is all I can ask for. Will money follow? I hope so. In the meantime, if I am have the chance to help at least one person every day, I will be very grateful.