It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that I am an actress.  I have been in theatre since I was 8 years old, and I was entertaining my parents and anyone else who would pay attention since long before that.

I recently returned to the community theatre in my hometown after a long break.  And I was happy to be cast as the mother in a dysfunctional family in the 1950s in “Over the Tavern”.  The other cast-members were the dad, a nun, and four teenage kids, two of whom were boys about 11 and 13.

One night, shortly before we opened, one of the boys and I were backstage, awaiting our cue, and he whispered, “What’s your favorite scene?”

His question caught me by surprise.  “I don’t know,” I answered.  “I haven’t thought about it.”

“You should always know your favorite scene,” he told me.  And then he went on to tell me which one he liked best.  It was, of course, one in which he really got to shine as an actor.

So I thought about it.  And my favorite scene was the one in which I broke up a fight between the two younger boys, playing my sons.  I don’t have any sons in real life, and boys, as you probably know, are different from girls.  So this was a chance for me to feel like a mother to boys, a new experience for me.  It felt so real, pushing my arms between them as they tried to smack one another.  (Don’t worry, nobody got hurt!)

And what this made me think of was, what’s my favorite scene in other places?  Not just on stage, but what are those moments in my life that I want to savor and cherish?  When am I at my best?  When do I feel fantastic?  And how can I get more of those moments?

So what about you?  What’s your favorite scene?