I’ve had a little revelation.  Something about my clients.  And the Law of Attraction.  And which clients I attract.  And which clients attract me…  And oh, yeah, this is about you too.

The thing is, most of my clients (like you) are AMAZING, wonderful people whom I LOVE working with and even just chatting with.  Many of my clients become close personal friends, especially my proteges, because I work so closely with them over weeks or months (or a weekend).

BUT–you knew there was a BUT, didn’t you?–every once in a great while, I attract a client who is –um, let’s say “difficult”.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you attracted a difficult person–or more than one–into your life?  Maybe at this very moment, you are dealing with someone you can barely stand.  Well, here’s my take on the “toughies” who somehow find their way into your life.

The person you don’t like or you dread hearing from or you wish you didn’t have to deal with… That’s the person who should prompt you to ask, “Why did I attract this?”

In my case, I’ve had two clients over the years who were always whining to me about their money problems.  They would tell me all the reasons they couldn’t get more money and why they couldn’t possibly afford my services, and they’d take advantage of any freebies I offered (which is fine; I want everyone to do that), and then they’d tell me again how bad their finances were and why nothing could possibly be done about it.

It didn’t matter how many times I explained the Law of Attraction to them, or how much I told them what they needed to do, they dug in their heels and said, “NO!  I CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY!”  Well, okay, they never said those words, but they may as well have–it’s what they were telling me.

Okay, now, here’s where it gets deep!  Just like everything else in my life, this was not about the client, but about ME.  Yep, and your difficult person is about YOU.  I looked at everything these clients were saying and thought, how much of what they are saying to me is something that is coming FROM ME?

Everything that comes TO you comes FROM you, so these people whom I considered to be difficult, whom I could not seem to help, who refused to listen to me, were really just telling me what was inside of me.  That’s the brilliance of how the Universe is set up.  Everything is a message.

Is your head spinning yet?

In my case, each time this happened, I realized that, even though I was logically applying my knowledge of Law of Attraction and other manifesting factors, I wasn’t getting it deep-down-into-my-soul.  My subconscious was still throwing up these barriers and excuses.  And my money situation reflected it.  So what did I do?  Every time I told the client what to do, I started doing it too.  That’s right, I took my own advice!  What a concept!  (And notice I had to get that same message twice…)

And now, I’m giving you the advice:  Whatever you would tell that difficult person, tell yourself.  And then do it.

And let me know what becomes of the difficult person.  I found that they simply vanished from my experience.  How about that?