(Originally published July 28, 2009)

I’m exploring some new thoughts on gratitude.

Do you know how I work? I wake up with ideas or a song in my head, I receive messages from the Cosmos, I think of things in the shower. Lots of people do, I believe, but what makes me a little different from most is that the thoughts I receive seem to be sent to me to ponder, clarify, and share with you.

One recent thought was about gratitude. Now, I know a lot of people, probably you, like the idea of gratitude. Several years ago, Sarah Ban Breathnach (www.simpleabundance.com) appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, talking about gratitude and the use of gratitude journals as a tool to change the life of the writer.

Writing down several items you are grateful for each day somehow lightens the load and brightens the mood. I do not doubt this method–used it myself for a bit–nor do I condemn Sarah’s views or teachings. I think she is really onto something!

However, my recent download from the Universe about gratitude went further down the rabbit hole. It went beyond the idea of saying, “Thank you”, to God, the Universe, or your Higher Power.

If you consider that God or whatever Supreme Being you choose (I like the Universe, but that’s just me) is not a human and does not have human characteristics–no matter how much some people like to bestow such characteristics upon IT–why would He/She/It need to be thanked? God is not your grandmother, tapping her foot by the mailbox and waiting for your thank-you note from your birthday two months ago.

Ooh, I just realized I owe my grandfather a thank-you note for my birthday two weeks ago…

Anyway, here’s the deal: Gratitude is for you.

That’s right, gratitude is for the gratituder. Thanks are for the thanker. Not with regard to your grandma! I’m talking about the Universe. When you give thanks, when you say, “I am grateful”, when you offer a feeling of joy about receiving something…


Not the thanks. The GIVING of the thanks.

Giving thanks makes you feel worthy, or at least more worthy than if you did not. What did your mother tell you when she picked you up from the party when you were six? “Did you thank Mrs. Smith?” You didn’t know why you had to, but you learned to say thank you. Mrs. Smith certainly appreciated the thanks, and thought you to be a polite child, but God is not Mrs. Smith.

Gratitude is for you.

I remember when I first discovered my abilities as a psychic medium. After some readings, I would be so overwhelmed with the enormity of this gift, I would literally sit on the couch agog, and I would say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I felt so connected to my gift and to the Universe that I felt completely grateful.

Now I understand that I was giving thanks so that I could truly feel the receipt of my gift.


Ponder it, and let me know what you think.