My psychic read of both presidential candidates,


Current president Barack Obama

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney

I’m taking a psychic reading of each man, without regard to politics.  This is a look at their personalities, motivations, and behaviors.  I admit, I do have an opinion, but I am going to do my best to allow the information to flow through me and disregard my personal feelings.  Of course, I have seen President Obama on television and read about him, so I have some understanding of how he appears to be.  As for Mr. Romney, I know very little about him, just some of the mostly-negative press I have read.  Again, I am asking their angels and guides, as well as my own, to allow information to flow through me without my personal influence.  Let’s start with the President:

Barack Obama is curious by nature, and typically finds life to be mysterious.  This is not to say he doesn’t find answers easily.  He is very intelligent, which is why he’s so inquisitive, but he feels that there is much to be learned still and that many scientific and philosophical questions remain.  And he’s fascinated when answers are revealed.

His staff typically finds him to be very private but friendly enough.  He commands authority but is not always comfortable wearing that mantel.  He has an excellent work ethic, although there was a time in his youth that he shirked any kind of responsibility.  Once he reached a certain point, perhaps college graduation or marriage, he got serious.

He seldom allows himself to relax these days and will suffer from stress and stress-related illness, especially lower back problems and high blood pressure, the rest of his life.  The low-back problems are typically what I call a “beast of burden” injury (or illness), and represent that the person carries the weight for one or more other people.

The Obamas as a couple are well-matched and conflicts between them typically stem from them being very similar in strength and temperament.  Mr. Obama is a loyal person by nature and would be very unlikely to betray secrets or loved ones.  He is excellent at keeping secrets, which certainly applies to his job, which is undoubtedly full of them.  He takes his responsibilities seriously and would rather focus on them all the time, and not have to deal with public appearances, campaigning (who would?), and the more “touchy-feely stuff”.  He is impatient with people who are not goal-oriented like he is.  When you see him smile in a picture or on TV, notice that his eyes are always serious, always paying attention, always seeking truth and information.

After retirement from the presidency (whether in 2013 or in 2017), Mr. Obama is likely to write, lecture, and teach.  He will be active, although not in as public a way as, say, Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.  I can imagine him teaching at a University for at least a time, finding it very satisfying work.

And now, Mr. Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney is eager to please.  He is certainly intelligent but not particularly scholarly, preferring short articles to books, for example.  He feels that leadership is his inheritance and that he has a God-given directive to serve the public as he has done (and will continue to do/try to do).  He is a peacemaker by nature and is uncomfortable with conflict or unruly behavior in others.   He tends to withdraw rather than rise to conflict, although he will make himself do so if necessary.

Mr. Romney is heavily influenced by his wife.  As we know, they are religious people.  I can see them praying together and he considers her opinion to be paramount.  The two of them consistently present a united front, even if they privately disagree.  He will defer to her often, because he does not have a strong sense of self and sometimes doubts his ideas and ideals.

Mr. Romney’s strength is in his “heart”.  He truly feels love for humankind and for God and feels that he has a higher calling, to serve the Lord by serving the people.  This is his true motivation, regardless of what comes across in the press or campaign.  Look into his eyes and you will see compassion.  He does not seem to have a solid grasp on “how the other half lives”, or what other people experience, but he is generally compassionate toward others.  If he didn’t feel this obligation to public service, he would probably be really happy working with animals in some capacity.  He feels connected to them in a way that he can’t connect as well with people.  He feels like he understands them and they him.  Again, this is his heart coming through.

He has always felt guided rather than that he was in charge of his own life.  He does believe in the Power of Positive Thinking and I would not be surprised to learn that is one of his favorite books and/or that he admires Norman Vincent Peale.

As for dealing with others, such as staff, he does truly care what is happening with the people who work for him.  He’s interested in their personal lives and would often prefer to talk about that than about campaign strategy, for example.  He feels that he has to present himself in a certain way and finds it difficult at times not to be himself.  It makes him feel dishonest to have to pander, even if it is part of his job.

And speaking of honesty, Mr. Romney is definitely sincere.  He will not directly lie if he can avoid it.  As I said, he is compassionate by nature, a peacemaker, cares what people think about him, wants to please, wants to do things right.