manifestation aHello again!  As I’ve developed the last two posts containing manifestation tips and tools, I’ve found more and more that I can share with you.  So here’s still more of my informal manifestation guide.
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I started writing this because my personal 2012 started off with a BANG!  And I wanted to share with you just how I did it, so you can get your own BANG!  for 2012 or any time.

Continuing with tips and tools to manifest what you want, here are a few more:

15.  Hypnosis –
I’m a fan.  In fact, I am studying right now to become a certified hypnotherapist, so that I can share with others what has been quite profound for me.  I loved the past-life regression sessions that I had with two different hypnotherapists.  In the very first one, I recalled 7 or 8 different past lives.  In another session, I recalled a number of lives, and went on later to find one of those people in history!  Very cool!  And no, it wasn’t Cleopatra or Genghis Khan.  It was someone who was more of a footnote, but a real person nonetheless!  But back to the value of hypnosis.  Through hypnosis, I’ve been able to break down old barriers that were put in place when I was young.  And that’s the point.  Everyone has subconscious barriers that can keep them from reaching their goals.  You may not know what they are, but your subconscious does, so you and your hypnotherapist will ask it:  What’s blocking this?  It’s a wonderful process and I do recommend it.

16. The daily check – 
No, not a check on something, not checking off the calendar, an actual check.  In England, I believe they spell it “cheque”.  Write yourself a check.  You may have heard the famous story of actor Jim Carrey writing himself a check for $20 million and carrying it around until he actually was paid $20 million for being in a movie.  This is a very simple manifestation tool.  I’ve written a check to myself.  I wrote it on a blank piece of paper, drew a rectangle, and wrote in the amount of money that I would like to come to me every day.  In the blank for the date, I wrote “Every day, 2012”.  In the section in the top left, where the person who is paying you would be represented, I wrote, “The Universe, Everywhere, The Mind of God 99999”.  And I signed it “The Universe,” because no person is the source of my income, no group of people, but the Universe is the source of my income.  And yours.  Write yourself a check.  You can make it in one lump sum like Jim Carrey did, or you can write a “daily check” like I did.  But write it down.  And don’t be afraid to make it REALLY BIG.  Then put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day.

17. Read everything –
Pretty simple.  Read any book or article or blog that you feel will be helpful.  You’ve heard/read me recommend Joe Vitale’s The Attractor Factor, I’m sure.  And I’ve recommended a number of other books and blogs, such as Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, “The Secret”, Nan Akasha’s blog, anything by Abraham-Hicks, and the list goes on and on.  I’ve got shelves full of books on manifesting, Law of Attraction, modern spirituality, and both ancient and modern philosophy.  I noticed last year, when I started reading The Attractor Factor, there was a big shift.  I felt that the shift was not exclusively due to reading that book, but it certainly coincided with other events and catalysts.  So when I turn this manifestation guide into a book, you can add that to your library.  Oh, and of course, don’t miss my collection, available here, as well as on Amazon and other sources.

18. The magic money list –
This is something I made up.  Or I was inspired to do.  I’ve never heard or read about it anywhere.  And that’s because it started from my making a list of bills that were coming due.  I got out a 3″ x 3″ sticky note (I love sticky notes!) and wrote the date the bill was due or when I wanted to have the money, what it was for, and the amount.  Sort of like this:

1-15      Electric bill      $xxx
1-20     Cable bill           $xxx
1-27     Rent                    $xxx
1-17     Something fun $xx

Simple, just like that.  And I started adding the “something fun” and things that weren’t mandatory.   I drew a line at the bottom and put the total.  Then, at the bottom of the sticky note, I wrote, “This or more every day!”  Now, that total might be in the hundreds or the thousands.  Writing down that total amount as a possible daily income was very empowering!  It told the Universe that I was ready to receive that much!  And I posted the sticky note on my computer monitor.  Then, as each bill was paid or as the money came in, I would draw one line through that item, and put a check-mark next to it.  This was a simple process, and all I had in mind at the start was to have some idea of what needed to be paid in the next couple of weeks.  I celebrated just a little as each bill was paid.  I checked it off with just a little sense of triumph.  And guess what happened.  The money started to flow better and faster.  The bills got paid.  And I would find a little extra for something fun or to pay back a little something I had borrowed.  I still write my magic money note every two weeks or so and I really like it.  It’s not perfect–some items get carried over because they haven’t come in yet, and I’ve still got debt!  But I do believe that this little sticky note process has magic in it.  Try this for yourself or create your own variation.  And then let me know what happens!

You know, I started out to give you just half a dozen or so manifestation tools.  We’re now up to 18 in 3 parts!  So…  while this may be the end, there will probably be more.  And I’m pretty sure this is going to be a book.  So stay tuned!

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