manifestation aI’ve been talking about the Big Bang that 2012 brought into my life–or that I brought into my life!  And I’ve been trying to figure out how I did it, energetically-speaking, so I can share it with you.

As you may know, manifestation is not often a straight line.  It takes patience, courage, and the ability to follow your inner guidance.  This blog post is by no means an exhaustive manifestation guide, but I’ve put together some of the tools I have used that have created a “Big Bang” in my life!

I may not know you personally, but I suspect we have a lot of things in common.  I have worked with enough clients to know what most people go through on a regular basis.  I understand pretty well what your life is like, based on my experiences and those of my clients.  Most of us have money issues, and I am no exception.  I have a minority of clients who do not–and that’s another story, as to why they don’t struggle while the rest of us do.  Hold on, I’m going to add that to my list…

Okay, I’m back.  Where was I?  Oh, yes.  It’s also my job, my calling, my duty, and my privilege to give you information that will improve your life whenever I come across it!  Keep in mind that it’s never over, you’re never done creating your life.  You don’t just set up a lottery win (for example) and then sit in your chair watching TV for the rest of your life!  But once you get some momentum going, you can keep creating more and more of what you like and enjoy.  So here, in a few points, are some of the tools I’ve used to go from bored and struggling to busy and prosperous.

1.  Do everything – 
My angels recently put this little tidbit in my head.  I was wondering, what works?  Feng Shui, vision boards, affirmations, magic incantations, what?  What’s the best manifestation tool I can use?  What’s the ONE that works for me?  And the answer came back, “All of it.  All of it works, so do everything.  Do everything that you know of or can imagine, and it will help you create what you want.”  To that end…

2.  Write a letter to 2012 –
One of the things I thought of was to write a letter to 2012.  You could also write to this week or month or day or your whole life.  I chose to write to 2012, because, well, it’s 2012.  I’m still working on this letter to the “New Year” (it won’t be new for much longer), and it says things like, “By the end of you, I will have paid back all obligations, or at least have made a sizable dent in them.”  And “You’re already doing a great job of bringing me new opportunities.  For the rest of the year, I want to notice lots more great opportunities for me to enjoy my life.  I want to make more friends and more money…”  And “I’m excited about getting to go to these events…  Please help me to orchestrate those.”  You get the idea.  This is a way of focusing your attention clearly on what you really want.  Remember to stay positive!  Stay away from ideas like, “Dear 2012, this year, I really don’t want any more drama and I don’t want to gain any more weight.”  That’s a good way to get more of what you don’t want!

3.  The Law of Opposites – 
Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series, refers to this in his book, Happier than God.  He says that, any time you start to manifest something you want, you’ll get the opposite of it first.  I’m not sure if it happens quite like that, but I have definitely noticed times when I get a lot of opposite going on!  Know what I mean?   Walsch goes on to explain that the problem with this is that a lot of people give up at that point.  “It didn’t work.  I was trying to create this, and instead I got that.  Pooh.”  He then points out that you have to hang in there and trust that what you are working for will come to be.

4.  Trust, faith, expectation –
“Faith” really means “expectation”.  When you expect something to happen, really know in your heart that it will, it will.  That’s what faith is.  That’s what trust is.  Try using expectation on things you actually like, rather than things you worry about.  (You might appreciate my post, “Can you create with fear?“.)

5.  3-D:  Three simple steps to getting what you want
I sometimes forget that I’m an expert!  Ever have that problem?  Well, check out my manifestation tool, 3-D, right here.  I find it to be successful much of the time.  And when it’s not, I know it’s only because I wasn’t holding my mouth right.  ;o)

6.  Nan Akasha –
I’ve recommended Nan on several occasions, and for good reason.  She has some great insights into bringing more money into your life.   Her video about looking for your car keys just cracked me up!  It really opened my eyes when she said, “When you’re looking for your car keys, you know they’re around there somewhere, and you don’t worry that you aren’t worthy of finding them.”  Brilliant!  Do you get that?  If you looked for money the way you look for your keys, do you think you might have better luck finding it?  Read/see more of Nan’s wisdom here.

And that’s not all!  Next time, I’ll have several more tools for you.  Stay tuned!

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